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Samba Live 5.14

May 9, 2021 12:00:00 AM

Available from: 09 May 2021

Our latest update introduces new features to the account center, making it easier for OEMs to manage their clients. Underneath the surface we also introduced major performance and stability improvements.

Account Center

 New Features

  • Implemented a new feature allowing our OEM clients to clone service plans, thus gaining efficiencies in their management.
  • Implemented rate-limiting and queuing for entering rooms, which enhanced our platform to be able to run larger meetings.
  • Improved performance by cleaning up authentication tickets and tokens configurable at the platform level and setting efficient defaults.


  • Removed some legacy settings and code so that private chat permissions work now in a more consistent way.
  • Made the app more intuitive by removing legacy messaging.
  • Improved performance by resolving issue wherein the guest users were being added to the service plan table.
  • Improved performance by defaulting API create session calls to 'save invitees to Address Book' to false.


 New Features

  • Improved performance by implementing virtual scrolls on the participants panel.
  • Improved response time to clicks on the camera and mic icons, providing more accurate feedback as to when the devices are turned on/off.
  • Made it easier for the user to identify that her camera/microphone has denied access to Samba Live. Furthermore, provided contextual, browser-specific information to ease the path towards allowing permission to the devices.
  • Breakout rooms participants list will now show users in alphabetical order by default.
  • We set up a more performant web server to handle higher request rates and shorten queueing times to enter meetings.


  • Fixed issue in Forced Layouts wherein some remote layouts were unaffected by the speaker's layout resizing.
  • Fixed the inconsistent confirmation requests in Forced Layouts.
  • Rephrased the tiled and thumbnail video option labels in the workspace setting with a more concise messaging.
  • Resolved issue wherein an invited user with no associated name was showing as anonymous in the participants' panel.
  • When a phone caller joins the room, a telephony icon will now appear beside the caller's name in the Participants panel. This makes it easier to determine whether a user joined by video or telephone.
  • Resolved issue wherein the sound level did not show for the first seconds after mic selection.



  • Updated the mobile application message in the mobile web app landing page to better guide the user with the selection.

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