Samba Live 5.13

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April 16, 2021

Available from: 16 April 2021

It has never been easier to pre-schedule breakout rooms and manage your participants. This update introduces additional improvements to our breakout room feature as well as some performance and UI improvements. Additionally, we reworked our architecture to optionally store recordings on separate web servers. OEM customers can now set the domain they wish to store recordings on.

Account Center

 New Features

  • An option to "Allow participants to choose room" is now available when pre-scheduling breakout rooms in the account center.
  • Any invited speaker will now get info on all breakout links via email.
  • Implemented the zebra design (alternating background color) for the speakers, audience, and breakout rooms lists.
  • Simplified the breakout room pre-assign user flow by combining two checkboxes into a single option.
  • Reworked our architecture to optionally store recordings on separate web servers. Our OEM customers can define the domain they wish to store recordings on.


  • Fixed inaccurate variables in custom email instructions.
  • Resolved issue wherein the breakout room users were showing in live statistics after the session was closed.
  • Fixed issue wherein a user was still able to join the breakout room via the invitation link after stopping the breakout.
  • Fixed issue wherein the preassigned speaker didn't see himself in the breakout rooms panel.
  • Resolved issue wherein the participants were sent the customized invitation email even after deactivating the "Send a customized invitation email" in the account center.
  • Resolved issue wherein the speaker label was showing as "participant" in the account permissions settings.
  • When an account holder opts out from Google Tag Manager tracking, all its users and invitees will not be tracked as well.


 New Features

  • Improved performance by implementing virtual scrolls on the breakout rooms panel.
  • An option to allow users to move freely around breakout rooms has been added. Speakers can activate and deactivate this setting from within the room.

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