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September 20, 2022

As a part of Digital Samba’s video conferencing software relaunch, we’ve updated our virtual classroom platform, Digital Samba for Education. 

Digital Samba for Education is a reliable, GDPR-compliant, end-to-end encrypted, feature-rich virtual classroom both for small private and large government institutions.

“Our customers want a virtual classroom full of interactive features. They also want virtual learning made simple for them and their students. Our new virtual classroom is perfect for educators who need an easy-to-use platform that offers advanced engagement.  Excellent European support and security ensure that our users are protected and supported.” - Robert Strobl, founder and CEO of Digital Samba.

Digital Samba's Virtual Classroom functionality

Digital Samba for Education is an easy-to-use virtual classroom that has everything educators need to deliver inspiring and engaging online classes. Our virtual classroom is browser-based and fully device-friendly. Students can join from anywhere and take advantage of our huge set of interactive features both on mobile and desktop. 

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Each plan includes advanced virtual classroom features like:

  • Content library - Effortlessly access and share course materials like presentations, lectures, audio, video and supplemental materials.
  • Whiteboard - Annotate and markup shared documents with your students.
  • Custom branding - Use custom branded invites, rooms and emails to promote your institution.
  • Cloud recordings - Capture lectures in full HD MP4 and store them in a secure cloud format.
  • Recurring lectures - Schedule your lectures in advance using a single attendee registration setting.
  • Breakout Rooms - Provide multiple workspaces for students to collaborate on assignments in small groups.
  • Collaboration tools - Embed web apps like Google Docs and Miro so you can work on them with your students.

  • LMS technology - Connect your educational technology to our system for seamless collaboration.

Digital Samba for Education includes screen sharing, file sharing, one-click invites, lobby (waiting room), hand-raising, Q&A, polls, shared notes, emoji reactions, content library, virtual backgrounds and much more. Find the full list of features here.

Why Should You Use Digital Samba for Education?


  • Award-winning

    Digital Samba is an award-winning video conferencing software. Educate with confidence, knowing your virtual classroom has been recognised by industry-leading organisations such as UC Today, G2, RemoteTech Breakthrough Awards, SoftwareSuggest, SoftwareWorld and more.

  • Ease of use

    According to G2, 96% of our customers say that Digital Samba is easy to use. Our simple and intuitive UI is user-friendly and easy to learn. Educators and students will quickly master the platform.

  • Customisable

    Personalise Digital Samba for Education and celebrate the uniqueness of your institution using complete top-down customisation features. Incorporate your brand, logo and colours into your virtual classroom and leave a lasting impression. 

  • Secure 

    Digital Samba for Education is the secure, stable and European solution to your virtual classroom needs. Educate with confidence, knowing you are using a GDPR-compliant, fully encrypted virtual classroom developed using 19 years of industry experience.

  • Flexible

    Schedule and host online classes anywhere, anytime, instantly from any device and browser. 

Pricing plans

Digital Samba for Education Pricing Plans:

  • Starter - A feature-rich virtual classroom for groups of up to 15 students. Includes nine active videos, 10 stored cloud recordings, 1 GB content library, web apps integration, breakout rooms, polling and Q&A, whiteboard, email automation, event scheduling, email and chat support and more. Billed annually at €11/month.

  • Professional - An online teaching and learning space for up to 35 students. Includes Starter Plan features, with up to 16 active speakers, 2 GB content library, 25 cloud recordings, branding features, attendee registration, landing pages & custom registration forms. Billed annually at €14/month.

  • Institution - A multi-user account suitable for up to 20 teachers and 55 students per classroom. Includes all Professional Plan features, 20 permanent meeting rooms, 25 simultaneous broadcasters, 40 GB content library, 250 cloud recordings, a multi-user account centre, parallel classes and video bookmarks. Billed annually at €112/month.

  • Enterprise - Enjoy a unique feature set and host up to 2000 attendees. Includes white labelling, reseller licence, bundle discounts, customisable feature set, unlimited cloud storage, RESTful API, dedicated account manager and more. Contact us for a custom enterprise plan quote. 

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More Reasons to Use Digital Samba for Education

  • Device-friendly - DigitalSamba for Education is web-based and works from any device or browser. Digital Samba has a native mobile app that allows students and educators to join and host classes from anywhere. 

  • Easy-to-integrate - Digital Samba for Education offers the seamless interoperability our customers need. Use our flexible REST API to integrate your existing education technology, LMS, or third-party tools. 

  • Market-leading support - Digital Samba offers unparalleled customer support that goes far beyond simple troubleshooting. Digital Samba was recognised in the  “Best Support” category of the 2022 G2 Report because over 95% of our users are satisfied with the support they receive. 

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