Best Video Conference API for Websites in 2024 - A Guide

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May 16, 2024

We are all familiar with video conferencing and how it has entrenched itself in our daily lives. We have all spent countless hours with these tools. A perhaps lesser-known spin-off of video conferencing is the video chat API. So what is it? API stands for "Application Programming Interface", which is just a technical way of describing a mechanism that allows one system to communicate with another.

A video calling API refers to a platform that allows you to embed a video conference into your application and then control the features of the platform via an API. You will hear the platform itself being referred to as an API, and while that is not strictly true, the term "video conferencing API" seems to be widely adopted, so let's roll with it. Just know that a video conferencing API is just, well, an API.

Table of contents 

  1. What is a video conferencing API?
  2. Things to consider when choosing a video conferencing API
  3. Key features to look for in a video conferencing API
  4. 10 best video conferencing APIs in 2024
  5. Digital Samba
  6. MirrorFly
  8. CometChat
  9. Sinch
  10. Vonage Video Chat API
  12. Apphitect
  14. Enablex
  15. Choosing the right video conferencing API for your website: A comprehensive comparison
  16. Conclusion

This article looks at the top video conferencing APIs on the market. We evaluate big industry names and newer players. We examine their features, costs, and which use cases they suit best. Whether you're a developer, business owner, or decision-maker, this guide helps you choose the best video conferencing API for your project.

What is a video conferencing API?

Video conferencing APIs provide a shortcut for adding real-time video and audio communication to your application or website. Instead of starting from scratch with complex video streaming protocols, these APIs provide all the tools you need. They manage the intricate process of capturing, encoding, transmitting, and decoding video and audio data, ensuring smooth, low-latency experiences for your users.

A video conferencing API eliminates the hefty investment in building this technology in-house, saving valuable time and resources. You gain access to a reliable, secure, and ever-evolving infrastructure expertly maintained by the API provider, letting you focus on your application's core strengths.

Many video meeting APIs offer advanced features alongside core video functionality. Screen sharing, virtual whiteboards, recording options, and integrated chat provide a full collaboration suite. This allows you to tailor the solution to your specific use cases, such as remote healthcare appointments, interactive online classes, team meetings across continents, or personalised customer support.

With a robust video conferencing API, the possibilities are vast. You can deliver the engaging, face-to-face interactions that modern users demand. By harnessing the power of an API, you streamline development, accelerate your launch, and provide rich, real-time communication experiences that drive user satisfaction and loyalty.

Things to consider when choosing a video chat API

Adding video calls to your website or app opens up exciting possibilities. But with so many video conferencing APIs out there, how do you pick the right one? Here's a breakdown of key things to keep in mind:

Choosing wisely means you build a seamless video conferencing experience that boosts your app or website. With some research and planning, you'll find the perfect video chat API for your project.

Key features to look for in a video conferencing API

Want clear and secure virtual meetings? Choosing the best video conferencing API is key. Here's what to look for:

  • High-quality audio and video: Don't settle for grainy visuals or audio that cuts in and out. Look for an API that supports HD video resolution for crystal-clear images and includes noise cancellation features to minimise distracting background sounds. This creates a more professional and focused meeting environment.
  • Screen sharing: Effective collaboration often means being able to see the same things at the same time. Ensure the API makes screen sharing simple and reliable, whether it's for presentations, live demonstrations, or working together on documents in real-time.
  • Recording: The ability to record meetings is essential for many reasons. Recorded sessions can be used to train new staff members, revisit important decisions, or share information with those who couldn't attend live.
  • Security: When evaluating an API, prioritise data security and privacy. Look for features like encrypted data transmission, robust authentication, and compliance with data privacy regulations like GDPR. These measures safeguard your meetings and protect your organisation and users.
  • Scalability: If you anticipate having large numbers of participants in your meetings, the API needs to be able to handle the demand without sacrificing performance. Look for proven solutions to maintain call quality even when there are many participants.
  • Customisation: A customisable API gives you control over the look, feel, and features of your video conferencing experience. This allows you to seamlessly integrate video meetings into your existing application or website and create a cohesive user experience.
  • Virtual backgrounds: Let users replace or blur their backgrounds for added privacy, professionalism, or just a bit of fun! This can be especially helpful for those working in less-than-ideal environments.
  • Live chat: Enable text-based communication alongside the video stream. This can be helpful for quick questions, side discussions, or sharing links without interrupting the flow of the main conversation.
  • Whiteboarding: Offer a virtual whiteboard where participants can collaborate visually in real-time. This encourages brainstorming, problem-solving, and the free flow of ideas.

Remember, prioritise the features that are most important to your video conferencing plan. Choosing a dependable API with strong security will create smooth and secure virtual meetings for everyone involved.

Top 10 best video conferencing APIs in 2024

The video conferencing market is booming in 2024, presenting businesses with an array of options. Choosing the right provider can be a daunting task. To help you make an informed decision, let's explore some of the top solutions, examining their features, potential drawbacks, and pricing models.

Digital Samba

Digital Samba homepage

Digital Samba isn't just about video conferencing; it transforms how businesses communicate and collaborate online. Our APIs are the key to unlocking seamless, crystal-clear video and audio calls, effortless screen sharing for presentations or demonstrations, and reliable recording options for training or compliance purposes.

Imagine video calls so sharp and lag-free that it feels like everyone's in the same room, even if they're continents apart—that's how powerful the Digital Samba's API is! You can embed fluid video conferencing into your websites and apps with ease. Moreover, we also offer a video call SDK for further customisation and embeddability!

Digital Samba goes beyond the basics; we prioritise security and scalability. Your users' data is fiercely protected, and our solutions are designed to handle surges in traffic, so you'll never have to worry about downtime during those crucial meetings. With built-in data privacy compliance (like GDPR), you can confidently integrate our privacy-focused API into a wide range of services, whether it`s healthcare, finance, or any other sensitive industry.

Digital Samba features:



Core video conferencing & communication

WebRTC-based, 99.99% uptime, Embeddable, Video conferencing & webinars (up to 2000 participants), Full screen & pinning, Remote video & audio muting, Multi language support, Cloud recordings, High-quality video, Waiting room.


Screen sharing, Whiteboard, Group Chat, Breakout rooms

Meeting management

Participant controls, Roles and Permissions, Recordings, Real-time invitations, Waiting room


Virtual backgrounds, Logo and colour branding, Vanity & friendly URLs, CNAME


E2E Encryption (optional), Token-based authentication, GDPR Compliance

User experience

Bandwidth management, Error detection and correction, Join screen, Audio device check


Digital Samba limitations:

  • Occasional feature updates can introduce temporary bugs.

Digital Samba’s pricing:

  • Free tier (10,000 minutes/month limit): Perfect for testing and smaller projects. Explore Digital Samba's API and see how it meets your needs. Upgrade to a paid plan once you exceed the minute limit.
  • Paid plans (from €99/month to custom pricing): Unlock higher minute limits and advanced features as your video conferencing needs grow. Our paid plans offer flexibility and scalability. For high-volume enterprise needs, contact our sales team for custom pricing.



With MirrorFly, you're not just buying into technology but becoming the architect of your communication experience. Their SaaS and SaaP solutions give you the power to shape every aspect of your video calls. Expect bank-grade security to protect sensitive conversations and the ability to customise and retain full ownership of your SDKs and source code—a game-changer for enterprises and developers seeking long-term control.

VideoSDK provides developers with a comprehensive suite of tools to embed real-time audio and video communication experiences within websites and applications. It offers a high degree of customisation, low latency, and features designed to enhance interactivity within video sessions. prioritises developer experience with straightforward APIs and SDKs.



CometChat offers APIs and SDKs for building text, voice, and video chat into web and mobile apps. Their APIs deliver everything you need for text, voice, and video chat, ensuring video conferencing experiences that work flawlessly across devices. CometChat supports group chat, file sharing, real-time translation, and moderation tools. Their SDKs are available for multiple programming languages and frameworks to enable cross-platform compatibility.



Sinch offers Live Video Call API that lets developers add instant messaging capabilities to iOS, Android, and web applications. This opens the door to crystal-clear doctor-patient consultations, virtual shopping experiences with personalised support, and so much more. Sinch's focus on customisation gives you the opportunity to tailor the look to match your brand's and industry's needs.

Vonage Video Chat API

Building upon the foundation of the TokBox OpenTok, Vonage's Video Chat API brings reliable video experiences to your applications. Expect high-quality, WebRTC-powered video streaming that's both visually impressive and secure, thanks to AES encryption. Think of it as the evolution of a proven technology, ready to power your modern communication needs. provides the flexibility to build the video conferencing experience you envision. Use their pre-built UI components for a rapid launch, or dive into granular customisation for a completely bespoke interface. Expect stunning 1080p video, flexible recording options (including automatic transcriptions!), and the scalability to handle any audience size your business can throw at it.



Apphitect video conferencing solutions use WebRTC technology, working across mobile, desktop, and web browsers. Their platform can be customised to match businesses' workflows and branding. Apphitect provides a professional video communication solution for businesses of all sizes.

agora provides software for adding real-time video, voice, and interactive broadcasting features to applications. Their SDKs work across iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, Web, and Linux platforms. uses adaptive bitrate streaming and a global network of data centres to deliver high-quality audio and video with low latency. In addition to video calling, their platform supports screen sharing, recording, and live streaming.



For developers seeking a budget-friendly yet powerful solution, Enablex delivers a HIPAA-compliant video conferencing API. They offer top-notch SDKs for seamless one-on-one and group video calls. Another great Enablex feature is live streaming which lets you push your content directly to social media. Imagine webinars, training sessions, or product demos reaching a wider audience with just a few clicks!

Choosing the right video conferencing API for your website: A comprehensive comparison

Embedding video conferencing can significantly enhance your website's functionality. This comparison table will help you find the API that perfectly aligns with your needs, budget, and desired user experience.

API provider

Key features



Digital Samba

Embeddable conferencing, Screen share, Whiteboard, Record, Customisable, E2E encryption, Robust SDKs, and more

Occasional bugs after updates

Free tier (10,000 mins/month), Paid plans €99/month, Enterprise custom

Real-time audio/video, Screen share, Whiteboard, Record, Global network

Complex for simple uses, Potential quality issues

Free up to 10,000 mins/month, Paid from $3.99/1000 mins (HD video)


Video/audio, Text chat, File share, Whiteboard, Pre-built UIs

Poor call quality in low bandwidth

Usage-based: $0.001-$0.006 per user minute


Highly customisable Source code ownership, In-app messaging, Analytics

More dev effort, Expensive for smaller projects

Usage-based: $0.08-$0.20 per user/month

Easy integration, HD video, Recording, Live streaming

Limited moderation tools, Less cost-effective at scale

Free plan, Paid from $0.0015 per participant/minute

Twilio Video

Programmable video, Up to 50 participants, Analytics (Ending 2025)

Significant development needed, Browser issues

Pay-as-you-go from $0.0015-$0.004 per participant/minute


Voice/video calls, Messaging, Push notifications, Reliable

Less focus on video customisation

Contact sales for pricing


Low latency, Whiteboard, Recording, Moderation, Live streaming

Fewer UI components, Limited documentation

Usage-based at $0.004 per participant/minute


Voice/video, Screen share, Secure infrastructure, Customisable

Potential call quality issues, Limited analytics

Contact sales for pricing


High-quality video, Recording, Session monitoring, Cross-platform

Can be complex to set up, Inconsistent support

$0.00395 per participant/minute

Don't hesitate to experiment with the free tiers or trial periods many of these APIs offer. This hands-on experience can be invaluable in determining the best fit for your project.


When choosing a video conferencing API, consider the features that matter to you the most. Do you want great video and sound? Ability to share screens or record calls? Security and privacy? Does it need to work for large groups? Can you customise it to fit your project?

Also, check any limits and how much the API costs. Does it fit your budget?

Many APIs have free trials or plans. This lets you try them before committing and is a great way to see which one works best for you.

Digital Samba is an excellent choice if you want the freedom to create something exceptional. Our powerful API lets you build anything from simple team chats to huge online conferences. We take security seriously and can handle projects of any size.

Ready to see what Digital Samba can do? Sign up now and get 10,000 free credits for amazing video experiences.

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