How to build a simple webinar funnel

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June 30, 2020

What is a funnel after all? No, it’s not a special utensil that all successful marketers secretly use every morning as part of a secret marketing ritual, it’s rather a sales process.

The sales process of generating leads, and converting them into customers is referred to by marketers as a funnel. It’s called a funnel because just like a funnel you can have a lot of leads going into it, and you’ll typically have a much smaller stream of actual customers coming out of it.

Fun fact about actual funnels: Well designed funnels make something called laminar flow. The liquid going into them can be turbulent, but while the liquid is in the body of the funnel it all gets directed to one direction due to the shape of the funnel, until the liquid going out of them is all smoothly flowing in one uniform direction. Sales funnels can be thought of in the same way.  

Once people are in your funnel, you’re trying to bend people’s focus all towards one common uniform goal.

The process of building a simple funel

So how does all this work? You can start with a webinar. You’ve probably heard or even attended one or two of these before.

But you start with your goal in mind, a script, and a webinar setup that you feel comfortable with. You typically use social media, blog posts, paid ads, emails or other channels to invite a lot of people to attend your webinar – at this point you’re going for as much exposure as you can get.

It doesn’t matter so much how you invite people to sign up for your webinar, the idea here is scale. The internet is made for mass communications and this is the point where using every single tactic at your disposal to get as much exposure as possible is necessary.

Your sales funnel has begun. Of that wide group of people that you invited to sign up for your webinar by giving their email addresses, but only some portion of them will actually attend. You can set up most webinar software to send out reminder emails so that more people attend.

This is where your pre-webinar work comes in.  

You’ll have to prepare to host a live webinar. This can seem scary for all first-timers, but it’s really much more comfortable and natural-feeling than we make it out to be. Make a slick looking landing page, practice talking about your product or service, and make sure you have a strong call to action in your material.

Remember that bit about how well designed funnels making laminar flow out of a chaotic turbulent source of water? You should keep that in mind. You have to be able to direct attention towards your focus no matter what angle it comes from. You’ll get really good at this with repetition.  

Once you’ve hosted your online webinar and delivered your pitch to your leads, you’ll have to keep in mind any follow-ups that your online business may have like providing a webinar replay. You are building a relationship to each of your customers.

The next and last step is to repeat this process in order to build your (online) business.

Webinars are the best for modern sales funnels

It’s not the 1960’s any more where really the best way to sell things was literally to go door to door and trying to cold-call people into going along with your goal. Nowadays, we have technology that does the digital equivalent of going door to door for us, and we can do it on a mass scale right from our homes.

Webinars are effective sales solutions. Webinar sales funnels have been studied by marketers profusely, and what’s been found is that webinars worked. Webinar sales funnels have high conversion rates, and people won the most business relationships out of potential customers by using webinars as their primary online marketing strategy.

Webinars are the equivalent of sales calls. The only difference is that they can easily be on a mass scale and they’re much more budget friendly. When starting your sales journey, for most things, webinars are the way to go.  

If you don’t use this powerful toolset and you stick to more traditional marketing methods, you’ll find that you’ll be putting in a tremendous amount of more work for much less payout than if you did use the modern tools.

This makes sense. There’s a reason why we use technology to do things. It’s much easier to farm with a tractor than it is with a hoe, or with just your hands. Think of webinars like farming with a tractor. Only they’re way cheaper than buying a tractor!

The most important part

Getting started with webinars is really the hardest part of anything. If you get stuck, keep repeating the last steps you took in your process. Any one individual step along a process is actually quite simple and easy to understand. If it seems daunting or difficult, just repeat it. And if you are not convinced right now – learn more about the benefits of hosting webinars here!

Don’t be afraid to re-write your script a number of times. Don’t be afraid to talk endlessly about your sales pitch that you’re focused on to people. If you feel daunted, or overwhelmed by the length of an undertaking, break it up into layers, and repeat what you’re having trouble with.

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