The Advantages of Embedding Video Calls in Your App

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January 2, 2024

Gone are the days of clunky app-switching for video calls. Imagine a seamless face-to-face connection woven directly into the fabric of your app. Embedding video calls isn't just a fancy feature; it's a revolution in user experience, boosting engagement, streamlining workflows, and building bridges like never before. So, buckle up as we explore the game-changing benefits of bringing video calls directly into your app – get ready to see your users fall in love with a whole new level of connectedness.

Table of Contents

  1. The rise of video communication
  2. Understanding embedded video calls
  3. 7 benefits of embedding video call to your app or website
  4. Embedding crystal-clear video chat functionality with Digital Samba 
  5. Conclusion

The rise of video communication

Video calling has become very popular in recent years. As technology improves and the internet speeds up, more people are using video chat programs to connect. Seeing someone's face and surroundings when you talk to them adds a lot of value.

Many providers now offer free and easy video calls right in your web browser. You no longer need to download anything or make an account. Just send a link, and you can chat face-to-face. Some services also let you make group video calls with family, friends, or coworkers. Moreover, you can embed video chat API or SDKs with prebuilt kits to your website without having to write the codes from scratch.

The COVID-19 pandemic made video chat much more common. With so many at home unable to meet up, video became very important for work meetings, online classes, doctor visits, and socialising. What was once seen as unnecessary became essential to maintaining human connection during physical distancing.

Video communication seems here to stay even as normal activity resumes. The convenience and intimacy at a low cost are very beneficial for productivity, education, and relationships. Future advances in video quality and augmented reality could make it feel almost like being together in person.

Understanding embedded video calls

Adding video conferencing capabilities directly to your website or app is becoming very popular. This means users can start or join video calls without leaving your site or app. It provides easier access and a more seamless experience than asking people to open another program or app.

The process of integrating video calls may sound technical, but many solutions make it simple, even if you don't have coding expertise. For instance, Digital Samba provides APIs and SDKs that enable you to integrate video conferencing into your website with ease. All you have to do is copy and paste a few lines of the provided code or scripts to get started! You can also customise the setup for a better experience.

Embedded video chat keeps users engaged on your platform. It facilitates real-time communication and collaboration right within your environment. Whether for customer support, webinars, or any interactive needs, bringing the video call functionality to where people already are makes sense. No friction or extra steps are getting in the way of making meaningful connections.

As technology improves, expect embedded video to become a baseline component people expect rather than an extra feature. Convenience and ease of use are hard to beat.

7 benefits of embedding video call to your app or website

Adding video calling to a website or app lets users connect face-to-face easily. This comes with many great benefits. Here are seven reasons why adding video conferencing can be very helpful:

Embedding video chat has no real downsides. Smoother UX, improved analytics, and helpful features are just a few of the advantages. Given remote work trends, ensuring your site and apps excel at visual engagement is crucial nowadays. Joining this video-first era distinguishes your brand today and future-proofs it moving forward. Simply put, integrating conferencing pays dividends across the board.

Embedding crystal-clear video chat functionality with Digital Samba

Digital Samba makes it easy to add video calling to your app. Our user-friendly API and SDK make integrating video chat intuitive. Even less experienced coders can do it. Hence, with just a few lines of code, you can embed high-quality video calls that users love—a crystal-clear video with smooth performance.

Setup takes a little time, too. Digital Samba handles the complex video infrastructure. Thereby, you skip tricky configurations. Instead, you can focus on customising the look, feel, and functionality to match your app's needs. Users will appreciate the simplicity of face-to-face connections on any device, which is why Digital Samba's UI can adapt to different screen sizes and network conditions.

The options in the SDK and API are flexible, too. Want basic video conferencing? Or advanced features? Digital Samba equips you to build the right solution. Our expertise means video chat works seamlessly. Integration is simple for you. Yet, it gives users an engaging experience—a type they're sure to love.


Adding video calls to your app or website has many benefits. It can improve team communication and collaboration. It also increases customer satisfaction. With video calls, people can share ideas more easily; this boosts productivity. With tools like Digital Samba, adding video call functionality to your app is simple. This video conferencing tool is powerful, scalable, and secure. With video calls integrated smoothly, your business can advance. Hence, you can serve customers better. This will keep you ahead of the competition. That being said, you can take advantage of Digital Samba’s 10,000 free credits to add video conferencing to your website. Sign up for free to get started!

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