Set up the perfect webinar replay

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January 14, 2020

Let’s say you host a home-run quality webinar. The atmosphere was great, your audience was fully engaged, and your charisma will probably never be as good as it was in that particular moment. After the live webinar is done, you immediately think “Wow I really have to get this in front of more people!”

So you blast out an email containing the video file itself or a link to the file to as many webinar registrants you can conceivably get your hands on.

And then you wait, you wait until all the time zones roll over and then you notice something that deeply bothers you. Your masterpiece isn’t delivering. You’re not converting sales, or students aren’t grasping your subject matter, or your training video isn’t making an impact – whatever your goal may be. Why? It’s because people aren’t watching the video file or link in the email you sent out.

Here’s what’s going on

When people get a link to a recorded video file, it’s pretty awkward for them to manage that file. You’re pretty much limiting yourself to desktop viewers, and even among the desktop viewers, most of them just download the file and never get around to viewing it. There’s not really a sense of urgency when you give people the digital chore of downloading and viewing a webinar.

People procrastinate. And eventually your work goes unnoticed this way. But there’s a way to avoid these problems.

The way that works

What if you could have your video live on a dedicated webpage, where your webinar was just there in a page, that can easily be shared around and have all the benefits of being your custom webpage? What if you could put managed comments, buy/donate buttons, and feedback on that webinar replay page in a way that synced up with the webinar replay video just how you wanted it?

You’d get more mobile users, since they won’t have to handle that bulky file. But also, what if you could go even further with it? What if you could create that sense of urgency that gets desktop viewers to actually get engaged with your webinar replay right as you sent out that email?

What if you could set an expiration date on that web page, that spurred that sense of one-time-only urgency that’s proven to force peoples’ attention to your work?

That masterpiece webinar you just made is starting to look like it has better odds of getting appreciated.

Of course the expiration date would only apply to the viewers. You would have complete control of your catalog of content you created in your webinar settings, and after a while you would have a whole library of pre-recorded evergreen content that you could manage from one easy admin interface.

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