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How to effectively integrate surveys in your webinars

Bryan Smith
Jan 16, 2020 9:00:00 AM

If a presenter makes a great speech and no one cared, was it really a great speech?

As a webinar presenter the only way you have to meet your goals is through your audience. People think we appreciate great minds that change the world, but what we really appreciate is the impact that those individuals have on others. It’s all about the audience, not the individual presenting.

To avoid being the person that makes the great speech that nobody hears, what if I told you that I had a consultant available to you that is always 100% right, and you could ask them any questions you wanted about how to improve your business, or meet whatever goals you want? What if I also told you that this consultant was free and available right along side you when you are doing your sales, conversion, or training work?

It’s the customer. The customer is always right.

You have to know what your audience thinks, feels and wants in order to work with them to accomplish your goals. Feedback is how you know.

Surveys, polls, and Q&A

These are the most popular forms of feedback that are available to you as the webinar presenter. There’s an art to using them.

Generally though, you want to gather only the bare minimum of necessary information about your audience before your webinar, and then progressively take your surveys and polls during your webinar to keep engagement up. They also make for great tools to use during breaks if you are hosting a long presentation to keep your audience focused and engaged with the subject matter while there isn’t a presenter speaking on screen.

Post webinar surveys are a great way to follow up with your audience to try and measure what impact you had on the audience, compared to what results your surveys had before and during the webinar.

Overall, considering this feedback is what will guide you into having good ideas for future webinars.

What to ask in your webinar surveys

It can be a little daunting to sit down and think up a list of questions to ask your audience just for the sake of filling out webinar surveys. This is the wrong way to go about it.

You need to first sit down and ask yourself what your webinar is fundamentally trying to change in people, and the questions of how to measure the before, during, and after phases of that change will naturally follow.

With webinar surveys, you are trying to measure that change you’ve created, and you are trying to feel what they want, so you can keep improving. Polls are more for measuring change, and surveys are more for gauging what your audience wants from you.

Notice that you do have to generate a feeling for what they want. Whether you are using multiple choice or single choice questions doesn’t matter that much. What people say they want, and what they actually want are sometimes two different things. Just because you do what someone said doesn’t mean you’ll make them happy – you have to do what they mean.

This means you have to take multiple surveys, and continue to get feedback from your audience until you build a sense of being able to predict and mold the feedback response from the audience. Once you get to that level, you have pretty much successfully hypnotized an audience.

Feedback is like the magician’s wand of marketing. There’s a lot more going on behind the scene, but you use it to direct the audience’s attention, and in a way, produce the effect of the results you are looking to create.

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