New in September: Updated Design and New Domain

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September 27, 2022

As a part of Digital Samba’s video conferencing software platform and brand relaunch, we are announcing two important updates. We have updated our account centre design and changed our domain name from to

Table of contents:

  1. New account centre design
  2. Domain Transition
  3. Conclusion

Digital Samba Embedded In-room video api-1

New account centre design

Digital Samba's account centre has become more attractive and user-friendly. Its functionality will be primarily the same, meaning there will be little to no learning curve when adjusting to the new design.

What's new

  • In our old design, the ‘create new meeting’ button appeared at the top of the list of previous meetings. Now, Digital Samba's video conferencing software has become even more convenient and will help our customers navigate the account centre more effectively.
Welcome to Digital Samba - virtual classrooms, webinar platform, meeting software, embedded video api

  • We have added a new page where you can create meetings and contact or message people. All these functions are now in one place and are easily accessible.

Digital Samba AC new meeting (basic) V1

  • Our branding section has been simplified and separated from the account centre. Customers can now access all of our customisation options in one place.

Digital Samba AC branding — assets V1

  • A full range of fun and exciting virtual backgrounds have been added to the branding section. You can now impress participants by adding a bespoke virtual background in addition to your personal branding just in a few clicks. 
Digital Samba AC branding — virtual backgrounds V1

  • Some of our existing colour options were deemed unnecessary and removed. Other colour options were combined to make for a more curated and appealing colour palette. 
Digital Samba AC branding — room colors V1

  • Digital Samba's video meeting registration page has also been updated to make the webinar registration process even more smooth.
digital samba webinar registration page video api embedde video conferencing


Domain transition

To complete the consolidation of our brand name, we have changed the domain of our cloud service from to app.digitalsamba.cоm.

All session links and meeting room URLs have been automatically redirected to the new domain. 

It means, that existing Samba Live session URLs will continue to work on the new Digital Samba platform. Existing registration pages and cloud recording URLs will also be unaffected by the switch.


Please remember to update your Digital Samba mobile app to the latest version available in app stores so that it is compatible with the new domain.

Need help?

Please get in touch with our support team or our sales team if you have any questions. We would love to help you explore how our new products and changes can benefit your business!


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