5 ideas for virtual events

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May 6, 2021

As live events have been put on hold, people are still eager to learn and connect. With the right tools and strategies, you can create your own virtual event from home and potentially reach every place in the world.

The current global situation made us rethink the way we experience and embrace live events. It can definitely be challenging for online event organizers to recreate a captivating atmosphere.

Our team at Digital Samba wants to share with you five alternative ways to entertain your online audience in an original way. Stand out in the crowd and make your event remarkable with these engaging ideas!

1. Live scribing

Visual storytelling is an effective way to stimulate both the logical and creative sides of the brain. Invite an artist to produce real-life digital illustrations to keep your audience engaged.

Bonus: Your speakers and attendees will have a beautiful memory to share on their social media. You can offer them a sketch or a synchronized audio/video fast motion. In any case, it will be a fantastic takeaway.

2. Digital scavenger hunt

Reward your audience for being present and attentive by offering a digital scavenger hunt! How about hiding some clues on your slides? Or hinting at a reward for solving live riddles. Your audience will love decoding your secret hints.

3. Mini live concert sessions

Active listening requires focus and concentration. Short live concerts in between sessions can help your participants unwind and relax. Sometimes all you need is the right song to set up the right vibe and energy. Additionally, offering a music segment in your program will keep your virtual event fresh and dynamic. Especially now, many musicians are looking for opportunities to reach more people.

4. Wellbeing activities

Sitting on a chair, staring at a blue screen can trigger what experts at Stanford University define as “virtual fatigue”. It’s time for your virtual guests to recharge batteries. Without interrupting the flow, experts suggest adding a series of simple exercises to do while standing up.

In some cases, you can even revitalize your body by performing Chair Yoga. If you really want to bring it to the next level, yoga teachers encourage Laugh Yoga. You might be surprised by this specific good-mood booster.

5. Speed networking

Time to exchange business cards and bond in long-life friendships! The magic of virtual events is bringing people together with shared passions and life goals. As a virtual event organizer, you have the chance to create a space for your audience to connect from all over the globe. Facilitate this interaction in your digital space. Don't forget to encourage your audience to share on their social media their favorite moments.

Virtual events are here to stay

With the rise of virtual events, creating online opportunities becomes a significant part of the business landscape. Now you have five ready-to-go ideas! We don’t know for how long the current global situation will go on. Let’s take the opportunity to get creative and craft unique ways to make your event special!

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