Digital Samba powers Global Pitch in partnership with DealMatrix

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May 10, 2018

Today Digital Samba and DealMatrix announce a partnership to live stream “the biggest worldwide online pitching competition”Global Pitch - via our new Samba Live platform.

Explore the world with Global Pitch

On May 22nd, 2018, startups from across the globe will have the chance to pitch their companies to a jury of 50+ business leaders and investors, with five category prizes to win.

Event and category winners can look forward to generous prizes like, access to some of the hottest conferences for startups; partnership to expand their reach in Europe; a week to live the startup dream in Silicon Valley; and mentorship from 50K Ventures.

The new Samba Live is a culmination of the 16 years of video conferencing excellence Digital Samba provides customers worldwide. Using Samba Live platform, investors and entrepreneurs will come together virtually for lag-free video conferencing at the click of a button.

Other key features that will make this “first of its kind” event a resounding success:

  • 100% WebRTC/HTML5 video – no downloads to complicate things.
  • Full HD video for every single concurrent user.
  • Live stream broadcast on Facebook to a global audience.
  • Whiteboards and screen sharing to making pitching a breeze.

The event will be produced and streamed live on Facebook by BSEEN Live via Samba Live’s broadcast integration. This partnership marks Digital Samba’s first large-scale introduction of our Samba Live software and the start of many more partnerships powered by it’s cutting edge WebRTC/HTML5 based video streaming capabilities.

If you’d like to learn more about what Samba Live can do for your organization, sign up to be notified of our official launch day here, or reach out for a demo.

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