Join the WebRTC Revolution: Digital Samba at Januscon 2024

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April 22, 2024

Brace yourselves, real-time communication champions, for the ultimate gladiator arena of WebRTC innovation: Januscon 2024 is poised to erupt in the breathtaking city of Naples, Italy! Mark your calendars for April 29th and 30th, because Digital Samba, your trusted WebRTC solutions partner, will be front and centre, fueling the fire of this electrifying event.

Forge the future of RTC with Janus

Januscon is more than just a conference; it's a crucible where the hottest minds in WebRTC converge to forge the future of real-time communication. Whether you're a seasoned developer, a curious entrepreneur, or simply a tech enthusiast hungry for knowledge, prepare to be immersed in a whirlwind of:

  • Cutting-edge talks: Dive deep into the technical trenches with presentations from industry veterans and rising stars. Explore the latest advancements in video and audio streaming, security protocols, scalability solutions, and bleeding-edge applications of WebRTC across diverse industries.
  • Interactive workshops: Get your hands dirty in practical sessions designed to hone your skills and unlock the full potential of the Janus platform. Master advanced configurations, build dynamic RTC applications, and network with fellow builders in a collaborative environment.
  • Panel discussions: Witness the clash of titans as industry leaders square off on the most pressing issues in the WebRTC landscape. Gain invaluable insights into market trends, regulatory challenges, and the future trajectory of this game-changing technology.
  • Networking: Forge lasting connections with like-minded individuals—the future architects of the global RTC revolution. Share ideas, spark collaborations, and build the ultimate WebRTC dream team in vibrant social spaces.

Meet and interact with the Digital Samba team

Digital Samba is proud to be a Pizza Margherita (<- because we all know it's the best pizza) sponsor of Januscon 2024! We're ready to connect with you there – let's discuss how our powerful solutions can add flavour to your real-time communication projects! Here’s how:

Don't miss our presentation

Join us for "The Silent VPaaS Revolution: Building a Scalable, Low-Code VPaaS on Janus". We'll explore how Digital Samba's approach is changing the game in video conferencing, offering a full-featured, privacy-conscious, and easily integrated solution – ideal for Europe's strict privacy requirements. Key takeaways include:

  • The power of VPaaS: Understand how Video Platform as a Service (VPaaS) solutions seamlessly integrate video experiences into your applications, revolutionising industries like psychotherapy, recruitment, finance, telehealth, legal, education, and logistics.
  • Live demo: See firsthand how Digital Samba's pre-built components let you add full-featured video conferencing with minimal coding. We'll demonstrate how Digital Samba's new AI powered Transcripts and Summaries API can give you access to the content of any video conference held in Digital Samba for post-processing in your LLM of choice.
  • Our Janus scaling strategy: Discover our on-demand Janus in the cloud approach, designed to power scalable, low-code VPaaS implementations.

Let us be your trusted WebRTC partner. Connect with the Digital Samba team at Januscon 2024!

Join the uprising

Januscon 2024 is your chance to immerse yourself in the vibrant world of WebRTC, expand your skills, and connect with the pioneers shaping this technology. It's a melting pot of ideas, a hub for innovation, and a celebration of the real-time communication revolution. Don't miss your chance to be part of it!

Visit Januscon to register and discover the full range of conference offerings. Remember, Digital Samba awaits you in the heart of Naples. Come, let's explore the future of real-time communication together!

Share this announcement with your fellow WebRTC enthusiasts, and let's make Januscon 2024 the most inspiring gathering of RTC champions yet!

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