AI-powered Tools and Integrations for Video Meetings

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April 16, 2024

In the fast-paced landscape of modern communication, video conferencing has emerged as an indispensable tool, with a staggering value of $20 billion in 2024. It is the linchpin for remote collaboration, enabling seamless connections between global teams and clients spread across vast distances. Yet, despite its prevalence, traditional video conferencing often falls short, hampering productivity and leaving participants feeling disconnected.

Fortunately, there's a beacon of hope on the horizon: AI-powered tools. These cutting-edge technologies are reshaping the video conferencing landscape, promising enhanced efficiency, engagement, and collaboration. Imagine fewer technical glitches, more natural interactions, and virtual meetings that rival the dynamism of face-to-face encounters.

Table of contents

  1. Evolution of video conferencing with AI
  2. Benefits of AI in video conferencing
  3. Top 10 AI-powered tools and integration for video conferencing
  4. AI-powered tools for video conferencing — at a glance 
  5. Things to consider when looking for AI tools for meetings
  6. Experience smarter meetings with Digital Samba

Evolution of video conferencing with AI

The journey of video conferencing, now enhanced by AI, can be traced back to its humble beginnings rooted in early forms of remote communication. From these origins, we've witnessed a remarkable evolution leading to the sophisticated virtual meeting platforms we rely on today.

As technology progressed, video conferencing became a cornerstone of global connectivity and collaboration. The infusion of AI marked a pivotal moment, fundamentally transforming how meetings are conducted and elevating user experiences.

Today, AI-powered tools are indispensable, enabling real-time data analysis, gesture interpretation, and seamless task automation during video conferences. These advancements not only streamline communication but also equip users with intelligent insights and automation capabilities, fundamentally reshaping the landscape of virtual interactions.

Benefits of AI in video conferencing 

The integration of AI into video conferencing platforms isn't just about fancy features; it's about unlocking a whole new level of efficiency, inclusivity, and engagement during our virtual gatherings. Let's dive into some of the key perks that AI brings to the virtual table:

Top 10 AI-powered tools and integration for video conferencing

The world of AI-powered video conferencing tools is constantly evolving, offering a plethora of features to take your meetings to the next level. Here's a rundown of ten popular options you might want to explore:

1. Krisp

Utilising sophisticated AI algorithms, Krisp seamlessly integrates with major video conferencing platforms like Zoom and Microsoft Teams to eradicate background noise, such as keyboard clicks and ambient chatter, ensuring pristine audio clarity for all participants.

2. Fireflies

As your real-time meeting assistant, offers transcription services across video conferencing platforms. Not only does it capture meeting highlights and action items, but it also employs AI tagging for easy retrieval of pivotal moments within the conversation.

3. Avoma

This AI-powered platform automates pre-, during, and post-meeting tasks, seamlessly integrating with different video conferencing platforms. From agenda dissemination to post-meeting summaries and action item assignments, Avoma optimises meeting efficiency and collaboration.

4. Airgram

Offering real-time transcriptions and automatic meeting summaries, Airgram's AI capabilities extend to integration with project management tools like Notion and Zapier. Its GPT-4 powered summaries distil meeting discussions, saving valuable time on follow-up communications.

5. Rewatch

While not directly tied to video conferencing platforms, Rewatch's AI indexing of meeting recordings facilitates effortless searchability, enabling users to locate specific keywords or discussions swiftly and efficiently.

6. Sembly

Seamlessly integrating with major platforms, Sembly delivers highly accurate transcripts in multiple languages alongside advanced features like sentiment analysis and topic modelling, providing deeper insights into meeting dynamics.

7. Jamie

With support for over 15 languages, Jamie streamlines post-meeting tasks such as summarisation and note-taking across various video conferencing platforms, emphasising user privacy without the need for additional software installations.

8. Fathom

Leveraging AI-powered analytics, Fathom dissects meeting metrics such as duration, participant engagement, and speaking time distribution. It generates actionable reports and visualisations to enhance meeting effectiveness and structure.

9. Nyota

Nyota's AI-driven audience engagement tools, compatible with Zoom and Microsoft Teams, foster active participation through live polls and interactive features. Its sentiment analysis capabilities empower presenters to adapt their content in real-time based on audience feedback.

10. Fellow

Integrating seamlessly with Zoom and Google Meet, Fellow harnesses AI to suggest relevant meeting agendas, talking points, and shared documents based on participant profiles and historical data. It streamlines post-meeting tasks and promotes knowledge sharing within teams.

AI-powered tools for video conferencing — at a glance 

AI tools for meeting

Ease of use

AI features 

Supporting platforms 




Noise cancellation, real-time audio enhancement

Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Skype, WebEX

Free tier with limitations, Paid plans start around $5/month


User-friendly interface, intuitive navigation

Automated note-taking, meeting transcription, action item tracking

Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, WebEX

Free trial, Paid plans start around $10/month


Intuitive design, comprehensive features

Meeting recording, transcription, sentiment analysis, conversation insights

Zoom, Google Meet

Free trial, Paid plans start around $8/month


Simple setup process, minimal learning curve

Automated meeting scheduling, agenda management, personalised recommendations

Google Meet, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Webex

Free trial, Paid plans start around $12/month


Easy to navigate, robust search functionality

Meeting recording, transcription, video bookmarking, tagging

Zoom, Google Meet

Free trial available, subscription-based pricing starting at $15/month per user


Seamless integration, user-friendly interface

High-accuracy transcriptions, Speaker identification, Sentiment analysis, Topic modelling

Zoom (direct integration), Drag-and-drop upload from other platforms

Free trial, Paid plans start around $15/month


Intuitive interface, customisable settings

Real-time meeting summaries, Multi-language support

Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet (and more)

Free trial, Paid plans start around $8/month


Easy implementation, minimal setup required

Meeting analytics, Engagement & participation insights

Zoom, Google Meet

Free trial, Paid plans start around $20/month


Straightforward setup, user-friendly platform

Live polls, Quizzes, Interactive whiteboards, Sentiment analysis

Zoom, Microsoft Teams

Free trial, Paid plans start around $10/month


Intuitive UI, collaborative features

AI-powered agenda suggestions, Talking point recommendations, Shared document management

Integrates with various video conferencing platforms (not directly a video conferencing tool)

Free trial, Paid plans start around $5/month

Things to consider when looking for AI tools for meetings

Navigating the sea of AI-powered video conferencing tools can feel overwhelming, but fear not! Choosing the right one for your needs is all about weighing a few key factors. Here's what to look out for:

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