10 Best Web Conferencing Features of Samba Live

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May 13, 2022

Samba Live is a fully-featured, end-to-end virtual communications platform that serves enterprise-level clients but is available to small businesses and even individual tinkerers.

It is one platform to seamlessly handle webinars, video conferencing, sales communications, virtual classrooms, online collaboration, app development, embedded video conferencing, and anything else.

Here are the top features that Digital Samba's web conferencing software has that make it the most powerful communication platform on the market.

Top Digital Samba's web conferencing features:

  1. Custom branding
  2. Breakout rooms
  3. HD video conferencing
  4. Live streaming
  5. Layouts
  6. Whiteboard
  7. Screen sharing
  8. Polling
  9. Embedded video API
  10. Synergistic feature set

Custom Branding

Samba Live is the global market leader for white-label webinar software.

Custom Branding

Being able to customise the brand of communication software is an integral part of giving back brand value to the client and not the software vendor.  Consistent branding has profound positive impacts on clients who are using the product for promotional webinars, online education, and collaborative work.

  • Webinars can promote under their own brand and impress attendees with their technological sophistication, which adds perceived credibility to the webinar message.
  • Educators benefit from their organisational branding being consistent for their online learners, who don’t have to feel as though they are getting less than an official learning experience. 
  • Remote workers have the benefit of psychologically not feeling like their online work requires many discrete moving parts for them to have to use in order to get their work done. Perceived simplicity benefits productivity.

Breakout Rooms

Group meetings naturally organise themselves into sub-groups. Why should online meetings be forced not to?

5. Join breakout rooms

Samba Live recognises this natural flow of groups to tend to break up for a time into smaller groups and then reconvene.

Breakout Rooms are the feature that intuitively allows this natural communication structure to occur seamlessly online, and are an important feature to have for any enterprise meeting software.

  • Breakout rooms are easier to moderate and control.
  • Breakout rooms allow more attendees to speak and be heard by the people who are interested.
  • Breakout rooms are excellent for complex collaborative structures, enabling discrete teams to discuss more nuanced topics or take on more specialised work.

HD Video Conferencing

Real-life has infinite resolution… But online, you can still get pretty close!

HD videoconferencing video conferencing software video api samba live

Samba Live delivers natural-feeling legless HD video to recreate the experience of meeting in person to the best of cutting-edge technology means. When coupled with built-in recording features, the quality of the video itself allows for even small details to be shared or scrutinised through recordings later.

High-definition production value is one of the hallmarks of proper professional enterprise conferencing solutions.

  • HD video gives you more for your meetings.
  • Video definition is a frequent bottleneck for production values.
  • The higher production value for your live streams allows you to set yourself apart.

Live streaming

The power of broadcast technology has been made accessible in the palm of your hand with Live Streaming.

Broadcast live video conferencing software video api samba live

Samba Live’s Live Streaming technology allows a single user to host their own live stream from Samba Live itself, but also natively re-stream to multiple simultaneous outlets such as popular social media sites, such as Facebook, YouTube or Vimeo.

  • Massively amplify your message with live streaming to multiple sources.
  • Cut down on IT overhead by automatically managing publication to multiple separate target platforms.
  • Broadcast messages live from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.


User experiences that are tailor-made are logically always the best fit.  Why not let the people decide how their presentations should look?

Samba Live has a hierarchy for organising not only how the experience is presented to the end user but also what features are available to users to play around with.

Switch instantly video conferencing software video api samba live

Layouts allow the organiser or host to immediately change where video and other elements go on the fly, for all the users attending. This radically changes how fluid and adaptive live online presence becomes.

  • Hosts can bring new attendees or video elements into the presentation seamlessly.
  • Users don’t have to configure their UI themselves in order to see what the presenter intends.
  • Seamless, efficient management of the UX in real-time to all attendees.


Giving users the ability to draw their ideas together is very handy for them in communicating abstract ideas. Saving and making those drawings persistent and accessible from anywhere is even better.

whiteboard_feature_screenshot_4 conferencing software video api samba live digital samba

Notes are an essential part of meetings, learning, and presentations – so we believe that Samba Live’s interactive whiteboards should not only be a collaborative effort but should also be a closely related part of the note-taking process.

  • More effectively communicate abstract ideas to one another.
  • Rapidly generate and share design concepts that don’t fit neatly into spoken language.
  • Keep the drawings for later reference on any platform.
  • Utilise the power of visual communication better.

Screen Sharing

Showing is more powerful than telling. Screen sharing is an important and necessary feature for any visual communication tool on the internet.

Screen sharing web conferencing software video api samba live

Simply being able to show an audience how to do something is simple, yet still a very important part of the latest video-conferencing technology.

  • Accurately and visually show audiences precisely what you are doing on your computer.
  • Give more accurate guides for computer-related tasks
  • See the exact problem someone is running into when they share their screen.


Being able to collect live data from the audience is an empowering feature that provides real-time feedback for the host and provides valuable interactivity for the audience themselves.

Layouts video conferencing software

With polling, hosts don’t have to be in the dark about the moods or opinions of their audience, and audience members don’t have to feel left out of the presentation.

  • Collect real-time data straight from the presentation.
  • Keep the audience engaged.
  • Retain the data for later use and analysis.

Embedded Video API

Application development is a crucial part of system integration.  Enterprises often need every component of their technology ecosystem to harmonise with one another. 

API and LTI/LMS integration Embedded video api

Samba Live itself is built on a RESTful API architecture to deliver cloud-based video conferencing, and making that API library available to clients is very empowering.

  • Easily embed live video elements directly into web pages and other applications to immediately deploy enterprise video conferencing solutions anywhere.
  • Handle any component of live videos, such as audio web conferencing, to integrate straight into your project or application.
  • Integrate Samba Live with existing business systems to have one truly unified technological space for your organisation.

Synergistic feature set

The whole is often more than the sum of its parts. Digital Samba’s full features list is itself a feature.

Being able to incorporate any feature or user-ability that is relevant to virtual meetings into one seamless, customisable user experience package is a subtle but very important design achievement.  Samba Live enables users to intuitively communicate with one another in any way that is both technically possible and feels naturally expected. 

Digital Samba is software that does not get in the way of the software’s own purpose. This allows Samba Live to be quickly and painlessly adopted by its end-users, who enjoy a gentle and subtle learning curve that many of them did not realise that it was there.

Digital Samba users benefit from feature synergy by receiving:

  • Quicker adoption and utilisation of the software’s assets.
  • Assurance that Samba Live users have every feature in online communication at their disposal.
  • Smooth and complete user experience with its design based on natural intuition.

Seeing is believing

Digital Samba is elegantly designed so that its rich feature set comes together in one seamless user experience. Contact technical sales and book a live demo today.

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