11 Must-Have Features for Business Meeting Software

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May 23, 2022

The business culture has evolved significantly in recent years. Many businesses have implemented hybrid work—a trend that precedes the COVID-19 pandemic. With a few years of remote work under their belts, many employees are beginning to insist on tasks that enable them to work from home.

Table of contents:

  1. Meeting Scheduling
  2. Screen Sharing
  3. Embedded Video API
  4. Video Call Recording
  5. Real-time Conversation and Interactivity
  6. Private and secure business meetings
  7. Waiting room
  8. User Management
  9. Live Streaming
  10. Breakout Rooms
  11. Custom Branding

According to the "Future of Workforce Pulse Report" published by Upwork, one in four Americans worked remotely in 2021.

By 2025, 36.2 million Americans will telecommute, an 87% increase from pre-pandemic levels.

Online business meetings have become essential to the collaboration plans of many organisations. Business virtual meeting software ranges from simple workstations in huddle rooms to advanced telepresence suites.

Business meeting software presents a massive opportunity for businesses who want to change how they function, improving worker productivity while significantly lowering operational costs.

Top Features for Business Meeting Software 2023

You are prepared to purchase an online business meeting software. But with so many video conferencing software examples to choose from and so little time to evaluate them all, you probably want to know the essential functions of a good video conferencing software. 

So here are the key features that any business owner should look for in top examples of video conferencing software.

  • Meeting scheduling

With the schedule function of the video conferencing software, you can continue your business operating smoothly. You can email participants reminders of the meeting schedule at varying periods to be well-prepared for the talks. It helps monitor that participants arrive on time and avoid missing meeting deadlines.

  • Screen Sharing

With the screen-sharing feature, you can catch participants' attention, deliver more effective presentations, and assist them in better comprehending the objectives. Displaying statistics, graphics, or tool capabilities on your screen will make the virtual discussion more engaging. You may share a section of your screen, your complete desktop, a whiteboard, or recorded videos.

You can add audio to your conference videos to provide a more professional and appealing video-sharing experience. You can also display your screen privately, preventing guests from viewing pop-up reminders from other applications.

  • Embedded Video API

Video conference API is a function that can be easily included in any current digital application. It adds another layer of engagement and interaction to the app's user experience via voice and video touchpoints. APIs have a direct effect on user experience and business results.

According to the RapidAPI report on the state of enterprise APIs. 65% of businesses rely on APIs to boost collaboration with partners.

By embedding a video conferencing API into your application, you can immediately enjoy the advantages of using voice and video to communicate with clients and coworkers. Given the current situation in the world, it is not unexpected that more firms depend on video-based ways to fill the gap.

  • Video Call Recording

Business sessions should be recorded so they can be viewed afterwards. Writing down what was stated during the meeting will guarantee that you have all the essential information, but it's taxing. The employees assigned to take down notes can't focus on the meeting, and they might miss some information if there are hiccups in the internet connection.

The business meeting recording feature lets you record both voice and video in high definition. 

You can also inform guests that they are being filmed to avoid legal complications. Participants are told when their permission is recorded. With the audio alerts of the webinar recording software, you can warn participants when the recording is stopped or resumed.

  • Real-time Conversation and Interactivity

Real-time group chat enables global communication with everyone and enables quick messaging and reactions. You can restrict others from hearing potentially private talks by guaranteeing that only you and the recipient have the key to open them.

Real-time interaction enables the addition of reactions, GIFs, and other graphic elements to conversations. Real-time chat helps streamline your process by concurrently forwarding the same communication to multiple chats.

  • Private and secure business meetings

Business sessions must be secure, particularly during sensitive meetings.

You can host private business discussions in a safe environment with extra encryption and password protection or demand moderator approval for entrance. A password is required to attend the meeting. Or the host can control guests' access to the discussion by accepting or rejecting their join request.

End-to-end encryption and authentication safeguard virtual meetings from cyberattacks and limit the risk of data leakage during video conferences.

  • Waiting room

The waiting room function adds additional security in the business meeting rooms, allowing the host and moderators to decide who can enter a meeting after it has begun.

When a waiting room is activated, call participants are diverted to a digital waiting room until the host or moderator invites them to attend. The waiting room is cleared when the call finishes and any remaining individuals are dismissed.

  • Meeting and User Management

The host can manage the virtual conference by permitting or disallowing attendees, silencing their cameras or microphones, and granting other team members moderator privileges. They can also mute the microphones and cameras of attendees so that the business owner can continue speaking uninterrupted. It is essential for high-level talks involving individual decision-making.

The host may wish to ensure that only authorised attendees are present during management-level meetings. To allow participant entries, the host may also transfer his hosting responsibilities to another team member or make them a moderator. Top video conferencing software will enable the host to distribute permissions for efficient conference management.

  • Live Streaming 

Live streaming is a digital broadcast intended for one-to-many communication. Although comparable in some aspects to a video call, live streaming takes the notion one step further by allowing a virtually unlimited number of individuals access to the same video simultaneously. Users can interact with a much broader, worldwide audience on nearly any device without downloading anything beforehand.

Since the presentation is viewable from any internet-capable browser or device, interactivity can occur even outside the company network. Due to its adaptability, live streaming can support both live and on-demand viewing. This means that people can view the same material regardless of their location, time zone, or working hours.

  • Breakout Rooms

Individual sessions can be held away from the virtual crowd in breakout rooms. Separate into peer mentoring groups following the live event or do group tasks during the online training program.

Participants can discuss serious concerns and focus on specific issues in a more private setting instead of attempting to tackle delicate matters during the main event, with over a hundred people listening in.

  • Custom Branding

Attending a corporate conference with custom branding and the most dependable technologies for virtual meetings can help you leave a lasting impression on others.

Consider employing a logo maker for brand recognition and a colour scheme as your virtual background to create an original touch. Furthermore, it could be brand-associated product imagery or another form of promotional aid.

Growing Demand for Business Meeting Software

There is no evidence of a slowdown in the increasing numbers of people using video conferencing technologies. Staying connected with coworkers in an online arena, launching online enterprises, conducting work remotely, employing staff overseas, and cultivating clients in different areas of the world have all grown more convenient and feasible because of the best video conferencing software.

You can connect everyone from anywhere together to work and contribute to projects with the help of the best online meeting platforms. There are numerous solutions available. It is prudent to choose a tool that offers essential functions without negatively impacting the organisation's budget.

Which software is best for meetings?

Digital Samba is the recommended meeting software for businesses building brand value because it is the industry leader in white-labelled video conference software. This enables companies to brand their digital assets with their logo and develop their tech ecosystem as part of its brand value in 2024.

Book a demo for Digital Samba today, and a technical rep will help guide you through the right fit for your unique needs. Seeing for yourself is the only truly fair way to compare and choose the right business meeting software.


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