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How to acquire new customers by running webinars

Bryan Smith
Mar 11, 2020 9:00:00 AM

There are very few problems in business that can’t be solved with more sales. Getting new customers is the persistent problem of prosperity. Nowadays, the internet offers the best opportunity for new ventures, and finding new customers online is a game that goes by different rules than traditional pavement-pounding sales.

Online shoppers don’t engage as much as you’d hope with retail sites. Online shoppers surprisingly don’t even find the items that they are going to buy on the retail sites that they actually buy them from. The majority of the time, they find what they want elsewhere, which makes absolute sense!

Only a tiny sliver of time spent online actually goes into buying things. Most of it goes onto social media and engaging with streaming services.

So, the bottom line is that in order to include your product in the customer journey, you are going to have to have a marketing effort that engages with your target market across multiple social media platforms in a media-rich video or streaming service.

Webinars are perfect for that. In the following, we will explore how to use such webinars for customer acquisition.

So what makes webinars perfect for a customer acquisition strategy?

There are so many points to make about webinars when it comes to marketing.

Webinars are media-streaming tools that are highly compatible with social media. They’re often live-streaming events that you register people to attend. Still, once they’re done, they become evergreen video recordings that you can use long-term for your marketing and branding material.

Another thing about webinars is that since the attendees are there in a live environment, you can poll or ask them their opinions on things. This gives you an absolutely direct way of measuring success in your marketing identity. Moreover, it contributes to an excellent customer experience.

Practically essential, but still not everything

Webinars by themselves are amazing marketing tools that require very little investment to get started with, and can potentially offer an invaluable return to your sales. But, while they are essential, the difference between a good webinar and a great webinar exists in what features you use to support it.

Webinars can vary wildly in quality and professionalism. If you are building a sales funnel, it helps to look at things long-term. Over time, the video quality will only go up – have you ever seen an ad in 144p? You probably have if you were on the internet in the early 2000s, but don’t remember it.

While those same products are probably still around today, that marketing material is unusable because of the low video quality it was produced in. For this reason, it’s probably a good move to get webinar software that supports high-quality video streaming and capture.

Another great point about them is professionalism. You’ve seen many live events that are hosted at Facebook or YouTube before. When using these services to host a live event, you pretty much marry your content to being on that platform. Purpose-built webinar software will allow you to take full advantage of as many platforms as you desire.

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