Why integrating (more) video in your daily operations is a game-changer

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September 21, 2021

For a long time, incorporating video conferencing into business hasn’t always been an option. This form of communication was slow and heavy on the bandwidth. Not to mention, quite expensive. The first video conferencing service, provided by A&T in 1970, amounted to $160/month (1,130$ today) for a 30 minutes call. Such sort of expense was feasible only for large corporations. 

Luckily today, companies can easily integrate video into their daily operation. Thanks to the advancements in real-time technology and the ability to access video calls directly from the browser, businesses can heavily benefit from this great form of communication. 

Strengthens communication between team members

Video calls are instantaneous, cost-effective, and often more productive than in-person meetings. Why? Because they help teams brainstorm and engage in genuine conversations without the trouble of gathering everyone in the same physical space. Increased attendance facilitates active team collaboration. Whenever you need to exchange a call, an instant message or other data, video conferencing allows you to accomplish all of it in real-time.

Video communication makes management easier

Video conferencing is not just about exchanging video calls. Nowadays, software can do so much more! The Q&A feature makes the call more interactive, while breakout rooms allow employees to focus and share ideas in smaller groups.

Businesses use screen sharing to exchange thoughts on current projects and demonstrate complex walkthrough processes. Some video conferencing platforms even offer built-in image editing capabilities, allowing users to annotate, highlight, or modify visual aids in real-time during meetings, further enhancing collaboration and communication. Thanks to the recording feature, employees can simply access and review the files later on. 

External parties can benefit from live streaming options on Facebook or YouTube for news and product updates.

Having all the features mentioned above, easily accessible in one place, is what makes video conferencing platforms so valuable.

Remote working: Hiring talent from other countries

Video communication plays a critical role in bringing different talents from all over the world together. Today, more and more companies are embracing the flexibility of remote working. Digital Samba has been working remotely ever since the foundation.

Employees are also benefiting from the home office shift culture. In fact, they are currently reporting a better work-life balance thanks to reduced travelling hours and flexible working hours.

In the end, video conferencing is indirectly playing a huge role in reducing the carbon footprint. Especially when it comes to air and car travel.  

Video APIs

Whenever you want to communicate with your team or with your customers, leveraging the power of video APIs can bring your business to the next level. How? Let’s have a look.

A customizable video engine can fit your business needs better. Whenever you need to implement specific functionalities or you need to accelerate your company growth, video APIs allow you to scale and save on operational costs. All of it, without the hassle of encoding, hosting, and delivering. 

Additionally, thanks to granular customization, you can make your branding more present and consistent and bring an extra layer of professionalism to your meetings. 

Photo by Jacob Lund from Noun Project

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