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5 things you need to consider before choosing a video API

Robert Strobl
December 10, 2021

Application programming interfaces (APIs) are vital tools for programmers and arguably the preferred method of building modern applications. With APIs, developers can dedicate more energy to creating feature-rich apps. All, without having to invest time writing code from scratch or worrying about how small details get implemented. 

The current global situation has changed quite a few aspects of our lives. We have seen a huge surge in demand for video communication solutions. There is no doubt that video streaming is driving a new wave of innovation! In this blog post, we want to share with you the top 5 points you should consider before picking a video API.

Global server infrastructure

Having a good and stable connection, with low latency and high-quality media transmission is essential in every virtual communication. After all, users search for the best experience possible; whenever they are connecting to their loved ones or running an overseas business presentation, a reliable instrument is crucial

That’s why picking a video engine provider with a server global infrastructure can be a game-changer. It will allow you to provide a product that is reliable, traceable and scalable. 

Features and pre-builds

APIs allow developers to focus on designing their own unique platforms, rather than reinventing the wheel. Why not leverage infrastructures and features that already exist? Thanks to essential functions packaged as pre-builts, development can take off in other areas. All they need is a customizable, powerful video engine to build on.


Since the value of APIs impacts our daily lives, it is important to keep in mind that unfortunately, this set of protocols is not immune to different types of attacks. The very definition of APIs is to enable interaction, access, and data exchange between two separate software systems.

If authorization is compromised, for example, an attacker could insert malicious code or commands into a program. Or it could intercept traffic between two communicating systems and impersonate each other.

GDPR compliance

The General Protection Data Regulation aims to enhance the protection and control of personal data for individuals and businesses by securing end-to-end data encryption, profiling, data transfers, retention periods, and data transparency. 

Because this regulation has been enforced on businesses that operate or deal with EU citizens’ data, more countries outside of this circle have aligned their practices to comply with these rules. 

When it comes to video APIs, it is important to pick a service that reviews and strengthens their security infrastructure and practices with data encryption, backups, logs, and security alerts – all compliant with the GDPR

Support beyond the platform

The video API landscape can be complex, and expertise is required to design successful solutions. Consistent and outstanding support from engineers, combined with well-written documentation can make a huge difference!

Getting the right assistance while integrating video APIs every step of the way will accelerate your development process.

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