Samba Live for Webinars

Manage meetings, webinars, and events from anywhere in the world on any device to an audience of any size


Samba Live for Education

Fully engage your learners and maximize their education with a tool built for their success


Samba Live for OEM

The worlds best fully customizable white label webinar platform built entirely in HTML5 and WebRTC



Change the layout of your video conference in just a few clicks


Custom Branding

Customize your webinars to make the platform your own


Live Streaming

Broadcast interactive webinars to YouTube and Facebook Live


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HD webinars for teams

Samba Live for Webinars

Manage webinars, online meetings, and virtual events from anywhere in the world on any device to an audience of any size — all in fully interactive HD video right at your fingertips.

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Your audience — loud, clear, & ready to engage

Samba Live is the webinar software built for your best work. We bring together HD video and audio with thoughtful collaboration tools that make your meetings & webinars as productive and engaging as possible.

Get it started

One-click, and you're in. Invite attendees with unique URLs. Send calendar invites through Google Calendar, Outlook, and other applications. Automatic email notification reminders, telephone dial-in, and cloud recording at the ready. Enjoy multi-way HD video and audio that can also be broadcast on Facebook Live and YouTube.

Get it going

Engage your audience with screen & file sharing and whiteboard markup. Take questions and answer them through raise-hand, Q&A, live polls, and surveys. Keep control of your audience with a robust moderator dashboard to control spam, mute disruptors, or assign other admin.

Get it done

End your webinar with a thank-you page for feedback and follow-up. Record it entirely for later playback and sharing.

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Video conferencing software for every kind of work

We know the effort you put you into crushing every task you get. So we built Samba Live to be the ultimate tool for people who "Get it done." 

Always be closing

When you need to meet with a client and your presentation needs to go off without a hitch, engage them in a personal online meeting. Combine HD video with seamless content & file sharing right from your desktop or while on-the-go. Cut travel costs and save time to grow your bottom line.

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It's like they're one desk away

Efficient collaboration leads to productive team meetings. Use one-click video calls and screen sharing to make company meetings and project management as hassle-free as possible. Connect with colleagues no matter where they work from or what device they're on. Keep your company culture consistent and in-tact with live video collaboration across the globe.

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Train through video

Whether it's live or recorded, train your audience in a virtual workshop setting. Interactive features like Q&A, polling, surveys, whiteboard markup, chat, and screen sharing make engagement effortless. Combined with moderator controls, easy scheduling, and follow up features. Samba Live offers everything you need to run workshops or trainings online.

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Company-wide meetings

Get all-hands-on-deck for your next big company meeting. Broadcast important announcements, update stakeholders, and open the floor to anyone to talk to everyone all through live meeting.

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Host and webcast your events

With unlimited scalability, invite as many people as you want to your next big event. Expand your reach to millions of potential viewers by live streaming to Facebook and YouTube. Your message will come across loud and clear to an audience whose full attention you'll have.

Best software for webinars 2022. Broadcast online events on Facebook and Youtube.

Learn how to fully customize your Samba Live account with our deep branding features

Fully match your logos, colors, and branding in your video meetings.


Features for perfect team collaboration

Simple & intuitive UI

No need for manuals. It works right out of the box.

100% browser-based

Runs in your browser without additional downloads.

Fully cloud based

Available from anywhere at any time. No hardware operating.

HD webinars

Up to high definition video and content sharing.

Custom meeting links

Personalize your meeting ID and URL names.

Device agnostic

PC, MAC, iOS, Android, tablet, or other mobile device. It works.

Record your meetings

Full HD MP4 recording to the cloud with a single click.


Take control by arranging the screens exactly as you want them.

File and screen sharing

Share your screen with no lag and with crystal clear quality.

Share video content

Engage your audience with content from Vimeo or YouTube.

Broadcast live

Stream to Facebook Live and YouTube—wherever your audience happens to be.

Whiteboard mark-up

Annotate as you present right on your screen.

Mobile friendly

Connect from any phone, tablet, or mobile device.

Email invitations

Invite attendees and schedule your webinars with ease.

Landing/thank you pages

Create landing and thank you pages that allow for registration and follow up steps.


Here's what our customers have to say


"I was first introduced to Digital Samba when an associate of mine invited me to one of their webinars for a book she was publishing. I felt so directly connected to her that it was almost a little eerie to realize that she was pitching the same info to nearly a thousand other people as well. It felt like a one-on-one."

Ivonne R., Brazil


"I am not a technical person. But I do address hundreds of people a day and train salespeople. This is by far the best piece of software for running my business. Not only can I use it to manage my team and pitch to clients, its handy record feature and cloud storage means that I can save hours' worth of repeating myself every day."

Craig S., US


When D-Link needed an enterprise level webinar solution, Samba Live got them there

With a global team of 500, D-Link couldn't cut it with free tools or expensive solutions with limited features. Samba Live covered all their needs.


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