3 insights from our WebRTC video conferencing Beta users

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December 6, 2017

First off – Yes, you read that right – we did say WebRTC video conferencing Beta.

At Digital Samba, we know that when it comes to powering their cloud services, our customers deserve the very best. So we’ve built an all new video conferencing solution from scratch using HTML5 and WebRTC protocols as it’s backbone.

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The infographic below summarizes the results of a survey we sent out to both our current users and people who were interested in learning more about our new HTML5/WebRTC software. Our goal was to learn more about these users, and the data we collected will go along way to making this Digital Samba's best offering yet.

We asked three simple questions:

1.) What industries do you work with?

Industries that want WebRTC - 56% Education, 41% enterprise, 21% healthcare, 21% other

Our current product, Samba Live (formerly known as OnSync), has many features that cater towards effective online classrooms. But it was still an eye opener to learn that 56% of our respondents work with clients in education. A common request among them was the ability to handle many streams at the same time. Our new WebRTC web conferencing software will allow us to deliver this in-browser, with the highest video quality.

2.) How much will using WebRTC based webinars change the way you work?

(Scale of 1-10)

41% score 10/10 - WebRTC video conferencing will profoundly change their work.

We knew that building our software with WebRTC would take our customers to the next level and were delighted to see that users agree with us. 41% of them stated that using a WebRTC based software would profoundly change the way they work.

Between the demos we've been doing and the many inquiries following the survey - we're humbled by the enthusiasm coming our way. This only drives us to work harder and deliver something truly noteworthy.

Plus, we really want to impress the 21% who need more proof.

3.) What would make Digital Samba's new software perfect for you?

Perfect WebRTC web conferencing has perfect quality, fair price, seamless integration, amazing features

This question had by far the greatest response. When given the opportunity to tell us what they needed - our users did not hold back. The most common request being that all software integration needed to go off without a hitch.

We wouldn't be the best White Label video conferencing provider in the world if we didn't hold this as priority #1. RestFUL API and the use of WebRTC protocols will allow us to provide seamless integration, especially considering the second most common request - tons of features.

The new product will include:

  • 100% HTML5 video conferencing - no downloads.
  • Full HD Mp4 recording.
  • Concurrent high-quality streams.
  • Fully customizable with your logos and branding.
  • Facebook and YouTube LIVE broacasting.
  • RestFUL API - for integration into any software.
  • ... and much much more!

It's an investment in the future we can't wait to share with you.

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