Release notes

Digital Samba 590

Available from 27 June, 2024


We are excited to announce several new features and improvements to Digital Samba Embedded, enhancing your interactive experience and administrative control. Our latest addition, Polls, enables you to gain insights by allowing participants to vote on tailored polls. Additionally, new features like recording auto-start and billing self-service enhance usability. Here's a rundown of what you need to know:

Digital Samba Embedded


Introducing Polls: Gain valuable insights from your participants by allowing them to vote in polls. With this feature, you can create polls tailored to your specific needs. Participants can easily cast their votes, and you can analyse the results in real-time. Use single or multiple-choice questions, enable anonymous voting if necessary, and manage everything seamlessly through the dashboard or API. 

  • Configuration via dashboard or API: Set roles with the 'Moderate polls' and ‘Take polls’ permissions. Pre-create polls into your room before the session. Choose between single / multiple choice and toggle on ‘anonymous’, if needed. Edit or delete pre-created polls as necessary.
  • In-Session management: Moderators can create, launch and end polls, view and share poll result summaries, and access detailed poll results, including voters’ identities, when not anonymous.
  • Post session: Retrieve polls logs in JSON and TXT formats, accessible both via dashboard and API. View the number of team-level ended polls by date range in the dashboard Stats page or use the API to get the number of ended polls, specifically at team-level, room-level, or session level.

Dashboard and API

New Features

  • Added Recording auto-start, a new room setting that allows team members to configure rooms to start recording automatically when the first participant joins.
    recording-auto start

  • Implemented a billing self-service feature, enabling team owners to upgrade or downgrade their plan without needing to interface with our Sales team. This feature supports transitioning between the following plans: Free, Create, Create S, Launch, Launch S, Grow, Grow S, Scale, and Scale S. Larger plans continue to be available via our sales team.

  • Updated the 'Moderate Q&A' permission description to include the ability to stop live answers.


New Features

  • Improved the user experience in the breakout rooms panel by enabling auto-scrolling to the bottom when a new breakout room is added. This ensures that moderators can immediately see the recently created room.


  • Fixed an issue where poll results were incorrect after a reconnection. Moderators who reconnected saw incorrect poll states and experienced synchronisation issues when voting or ending the poll.
  • Fixed an issue where the private chat remained accessible after a participant was demoted to the attendee role with private chat permissions disabled.