Release notes

Digital Samba 588

Available from 30 May, 2024

In this latest update, we have concentrated on resolving a variety of bugs to enhance overall user experience and platform stability. This release primarily addresses issues related to screensharing and reconnection, ensuring smoother and more reliable interactions during your meetings. Read on for a detailed list of the fixes and improvements included in this update.

Digital Samba Embedded

Dashboard and API

New Features

  • Added the 'End session' action to the context menus in the rooms list (Rooms page), which was previously accessible only from the sessions list (Sessions page).
  • Improved UX in the  in the Tokens page by implementing autosuggest.
  • Improved language in the placeholder for the 'Your room URL' field in the Tokens page.
  • Minor language improvements in the Transcription setting description, in the Default room settings.
  • Added notes to the Breakout rooms setting and to the Transcription setting descriptions addressing that Transcription is not supported in breakout rooms.
  • Improved language in the 'session summary in progress' toast notification.
  • Added a note to the Transcription setting description to address that, additionally to the dashboard, transcripts can also be retrieved from the API.
  • Renamed the former 'Transcripts' setting to 'Transcription'.
  • Renamed the former 'Captions speaking language' to 'Transcription language'.


New Features

  • Improved UX in screenshare and magnified tiles by placing action icons directly on the tile, eliminating the need for participants to access a context menu and saving them an extra click.
  • Added a 'Remove participant' icon on participant tiles, allowing moderators to remove participants directly from the tile.
  • Added a note to the 'Create breakout rooms' flow, displaying the resulting number of participants per room upon selecting the number of breakout rooms.
  • Optimised the SDK by batching userLeft events.


  • Fixed an issue where the screenshare tile maintained its narrow proportion when switching from a previously shared narrow window to a more conventional aspect ratio.
  • Resolved an issue where a participant would sometimes not see the shared screen.
  • Resolved an issue where a blank grey tile was incorrectly displayed instead of the intended screenshare stream for certain users. This problem occurred under specific conditions, often linked to network instability or compatibility issues with certain hardware configurations. Our team has implemented a robust fix to ensure consistent screenshare functionality across all supported devices and networks, enhancing the overall user experience.
  • Fixed an issue where tile proportions were incorrectly retained after shifting from screenshare to video stream. Previously, when a user shared a window with a stretched aspect ratio and then stopped the screenshare, another user would continue to see the first user's video in the distorted, wide proportion. This problem has now been resolved, ensuring that video tiles revert to their standard aspect ratio immediately after screenshare sessions end, providing a consistent and expected viewing experience.
  • Fixed an issue where the screen share tile would automatically get pinned, overriding the user's pinned choice.
  • Resolved a recent issue that prevented some participants from receiving the screenshare stream. With the latest update, we've ensured that all participants can now receive and view shared screens as expected.
  • Fixed the issue where screenshare behaviour sometimes turned chaotic after reconnection, especially when a participant was screensharing from Firefox on Windows, disconnected, and then reconnected, causing other participants to see only the screensharing participant's avatar instead of the shared screen.
  • Fixed issue wherein screenshare was not visible after a network drop and auto-reconnection.
  • Fixed an issue where participant video would blink and intermittently reveal the participant avatar when resizing tiles to very small dimensions.
  • Fixed an issue where screenshare was not visible to remote users when shared from Chrome, MS Edge, and Firefox on both Windows and Mac.
  • Resolved the problem where two screenshare tiles were displayed after reconnection, specifically when a participant would take over the screenshare while the screensharing user was being automatically reconnected.
  • Fixed an issue wherein, after automatically reconnecting a participant in poor network connectivity conditions, the participant would see their own username instantiated as a duplicate in the participants panel. With this fix, we ensure automatically reconnected participants, albeit having a poor connection, have a single instance in the participants panel, as intended.
  • Resolved the issue where screen sharing could occasionally not be stopped after reconnecting, mainly affecting Chrome/MS Edge on Windows.
  • Fixed an issue where screensharing couldn't be initiated after reconnecting. The issue could be reproduced following a specific sequence comprehending start and stop screenshare, and network disconnection and automatic reconnection.
  • Cleaned up the old index.ts file from the SDK to prevent confusion and issues with build pipelines.
  • Resolved an issue where files opened in the main room would automatically open in breakout rooms upon starting a breakout session.
  • Fixed an issue where opening a private chat as a moderator caused the participants menu to obstruct the chat panel and disable toolbar icons.