Release notes

Digital Samba 586

Available from 02 May 2024

Our latest release introduces an exciting new feature where presenters can showcase presentations with API-based file preloading and intuitive navigation. Additionally, we've implemented minor enhancements and bug fixes across the platform to ensure a smoother user experience. Here's a rundown of what you need to know:

Digital Samba Embedded

Presentation Files

We’re excited to introduce Presentation files, a new feature designed to enhance presentation capabilities in virtual meetings. Here's what you need to know:

  • Presenter permissions: Participants with "Present files" permission —"presenters"— can open, navigate, and display image and slideshow files to everyone in the room.
  • Pre-session setup: Integrators can preload image URLs from a CDN into the room using the files property in the Room endpoint of our Rest API.
  • File management: During sessions, presenters can access a files pane via a toolbar icon, displaying preloaded files alphabetically.
  • Interactive presentations: Presenters can showcase slideshows with navigable thumbnail strips and use keyboard arrows for linear navigation. 
  • Detailed data access: After sessions, use the API to access detailed data on presentation minutes at team and session levels.

Dashboard and API

New Features

  • Team owners can now transfer ownership to any team admin within their team, provided they are not already an owner of another team.
  • We've introduced API support for filtering recordings by 'ready' status. This feature allows team members to efficiently retrieve recordings that have completed processing and are ready for access.
  • Introducing support for downloading all exportable logs from deleted rooms. This feature enables users to retrieve all exportable logs even after the rooms have been deleted.
  • Disabling end-to-end encryption (E2EE) for rooms with over 100 participants to enhance session protection and avoid performance issues. This measure aims to maintain optimal performance by limiting E2EE for larger calls, ensuring a smoother user experience during sessions.
  • Remote session ending is now supported directly via the API, expanding functionality beyond the dashboard. This update allows for convenient session management and control.
  • Introducing a new keyboard shortcut: Pressing 'enter' now closes panels and saves actions like clicking 'submit', ensuring a seamless and user-friendly panel interaction.
  • Introducing chat continuity for Private Group and 1:1 chats, enabling integrators to create tokens with 'external_participant_id' for seamless user recognition upon rejoining.
  • Improved the design of the Satisfaction Survey 'thank you' page.
  • Improved the layout of buttons on the room-edit page header for a more intuitive user experience.


  • Resolved an issue of incorrect 'active_participants' value in API team-level stats. This fix ensures accurate reporting of active participants.
  • We are now sending permissions-filtered chats to the frontend, ensuring attendees do not receive private chat messages. This update includes handling promotion and demotion scenarios.


New Features

  • Consolidated 'pin participant', 'fullscreen', and 'minimise own tile' icons into a context menu on participant tiles. This update improves user experience on small screens and paves the way for future customisation options via the SDK, ensuring a more streamlined and adaptable layout.
  • Releasing an update to the listUsers() SDK call: the external id property will now be included for remote users as well, not just for local users as before.
  • We have enhanced the participants, chats, Q&A and files panels with persistence, so that scroll position and collapse/expand state of sub-panels is displayed after reopening the panel.
  • We have enhanced the system to clear Q&A notifications promptly when deleting questions or answers. This ensures that notifications linked to deleted content are immediately removed, preventing any lingering notifications after the question or answer is no longer available.
  • We have improved the user interface for Private 1:1 chats by greying out inactive participant profiles. This feature restricts messaging and enhances visibility, making it clear when a chat participant is disconnected. Once they reconnect, the profile resumes normal appearance, allowing seamless communication.


  • Fixed a bug where whiteboard drawings were lost upon closing and reopening the whiteboard. This update ensures that whiteboard content is now saved without any loss when reaccessing the feature
  • Fixed the bug where unread private chat messages were erroneously displayed in the chat counter bubble after joining a breakout session. Private chats are intended for exclusive communication within the main session environment, and this correction ensures that moderators no longer receive distracting notifications from private chats while participating in breakout rooms.
  • Resolved the bug where the unread message counter reappeared for a user after leaving a breakout room, despite all messages being read.
  • Resolved the issue where the chat counter bubble displayed the number of public messages for a user with disabled public chat permissions.
  • We fixed a bug that caused icons on the toolbar to duplicate when the toolbar was collapsed and expanded, such as during a browser window resize.