Release notes

Digital Samba 585

Available from 18 April 2024

Introducing In-room components control, allowing moderators to dynamically enable and disable room components during sessions. 

Moreover, in response to your requests, session transcripts are now downloadable in the dashboard, making it easier for you to access and reference session content anytime.  We've also made some minor improvements and bug fixes to ensure smoother sessions overall. Read more about our latest update below.

Digital Samba Embedded

Dashboard and API

New Features

  • Session transcripts are now available for download from the dashboard in txt and json formats.
  • Teams on the Free plan can now enjoy unlimited concurrent sessions.
  • We have added two new preset roles, "Digital Samba Embedded Teacher" and "The Digital Samba Embedded Student".
  • Teams on paid accounts can now enhance their branding by adding a custom 'application logo' to the room login and join/wait screens.
  • We have added a note to our "Room logo" and "Show logo in room" settings descriptions to remind Free plan users to upgrade to unlock the settings.
  • Our Rest API has enhanced its 'authentication bearer' method. Previously, authentication required concatenating the team ID and developer key, and then encoding the result with base 64. Now, you can authenticate using only the developer key.
  • The Sessions API endpoint now includes timeframe filtering. Developers can hereby use the 'date_start' and 'date_end' parameters to retrieve sessions within a specified period.
  • We have enhanced our API with a new Captions endpoint, allowing developers to retrieve room-level transcripts. Please note that the Captions endpoint is to be renamed as 'Transcripts' in our next release.
  • We have enhanced our API to support the txt format for transcripts, chat logs, and q&a logs retrieval.
  • We're introducing a new 'offset' parameter in our API. This allows developers to specify the number of records to skip before starting to retrieve the remaining available records.
  • We've enhanced our Participants API endpoint with participant-level stats such as participation minutes, number of chat posts, questions and answers, among other.


  • We have fixed an issue affecting Thrive and Expand plan users on the dashboard Statistics page, wherein red zeros were being displayed.


New Features

  • We’re releasing ‘In-room components control’, a feature allowing moderators to enable and disable room components on the fly during the session. There are many benefits for this feature, including flexibility in session management, enhanced participant engagement, improved focus, customised learning, increased control over content flow, and enhanced security.
  • We have unbundled the private chat from the public one. Now teams can enable / disable the private 1:1 and group chats independently from the public chat.
  • We've improved the layout in the chats panel by moving the post-time to the top-left.


  • We resolved an issue where in the three-dot menu was not being displayed next to the local user when muted, in the Participants panel.