Release notes

Digital Samba 584

Available from 04 April 2024

We're excited to launch three powerful new features to enhance your videoconferencing experience. "Breakout rooms" allow hosts to divide participants into smaller groups for focused discussions, ideal for everything from team brainstorming to networking. Our "Q&A" feature enables real-time questions, boosting interaction and clarity in events like webinars and company meetings. Plus, our enhanced chat functionality introduces secure one-to-one and group private chats for more personal conversations. These updates are designed to make your online meetings more interactive, productive, and engaging.

Digital Samba Embedded

Dashboard and API

New Features

  • New features available via the API: Access team-specific (global), room-specific and session-specific metrics, now with the option to specify custom date ranges. The returned dataset includes various metrics such as participation minutes, number of active participants, recorded minutes, and more.
  • Now accessible from the API: list of sessions which happened in a concrete room.
  • Now accessible via the API: Participation history at both room and session levels. The response includes a payload with the participants who took part in a session or multiple sessions within a room, along with detailed information such as user ID, name, role, and join time.
  • Added a dropdown menu item called “Recordings” in the Rooms table.
  • Standardised the language names and abbrevations across the platform.


  • Team members can now seamlessly delete rooms regardless of whether they contain logos.
  • Fixed an issue wherein users encountered instances where private group roles were empty in cloned rooms.


Breakout Rooms

Introducing "Breakout rooms": Easily divide participants into smaller groups for focused discussions and collaboration during live sessions. Whether for team projects or networking, breakouts enhance the virtual meeting experience.
  • Configuration: Use the dashboard or API to set roles with the 'Manage breakouts' permission and set breakout rooms before the session, with custom names for up to 500 rooms.


  • In-Session management: Create rooms on the fly and assign participants manually or let the system auto-assign.

breakout rooms 1

  • Flexibility: Moderators can move participants around, manage sessions, and send announcements to all rooms.

Manage Breakouts

  • Post-session: Track breakout minutes on the Stats page or via API for detailed insights.
Note: Breakout rooms are not available for E2EE rooms. Recordings in breakout sessions will stop upon ending the breakout.


Enhance your video conferences with our new 'Q&A' feature. Participants can now ask and view questions in real-time, fostering dynamic discussions.
  • Configuration: Use the dashboard or the API to set roles with the 'Answer Q&A' and ‘Moderate Q&A’ permissions, and to create rooms or with the Q&A component enabled / disabled.
  • Ask away: No special permissions needed to ask questions.
  • Moderate & Answer: Designated moderators can answer and moderate the Q&A section.


  • Stay informed: Unread questions and answers tally next to the Q&A icon.
  • Visibility: Questions and their latest answers are visible to all, with detailed notifications for participants.
  • Manage effectively: Moderators receive alerts for new questions, can provide live or typed answers, and ensure smooth Q&A flow.


  • Post-Session insights: Access comprehensive Q&A logs via API or dashboard, with stats available for each team.

Private Chats

Upgrade your communication with our new Private Chats feature, offering secure one-to-one and group conversations.
  • Configuration: Use the dashboard or the API to set roles with permissions to 'Chat in public chat', ‘Chat in private chat’; configure rooms with the 'Public chat', 'Private 1:1 chats' and 'Private group chat' components enabled/disabled; to add your selection of roles to the group chat; and to give your private group chat a custom name.
  • One-to-one: Enable in room settings to allow private messaging between individuals.


  • Group chats: Set up private chats for team collaboration, with customizable access.


  • Usage: Find both options under the Private tab in the Chats panel during sessions.
  • Notifications: Unread messages appear as a counter next to the chat icon.
  • Post-session: Access chat logs through the API or dashboard.
Private Chats bring confidentiality and focus to your team's communication.

Other Features

  • Added support for German Formal language.
  • End-to-end encrypted (E2EE) sessions are now fully supported on Safari.


  • Resolved issue wherein the mic turns on automatically after reconnection.


Samba Live



  • We have fixed an issue wherein streams from mac devices could not be seen in end-to-end encrypted sessions.