Release notes

Digital Samba 583

Available from 22 March 2024

This update features the addition of a "Meet Now" button on the dashboard, making it easier to create new rooms, perfect for spontaneous meetings and novice users! Alongside this exciting feature, we've also implemented several enhancements to improve user experience and functionality as well as extended our API. Continue reading to discover more about the latest improvements in our platform!

Digital Samba Embedded

Dashboard and API

New Features

  • Added a "Meet Now" button on the top of the dashboard, allowing users to easily create a new room.
  • We've designed a new left navigation icon for the Tokens playground on the dashboard.
  • Improved the functionality of the "Copy Link" button to provide a more intuitive experience. Now, when you click the "Copy Link" button, a confirmation message will appear, letting you know that the link has been successfully copied
  • Integrators can now add a selection of single images and slideshows (image arrays) to a room, so that they are listed in the Files panel during the session.
  • Enhanced the root API endpoint with key usage statistics.
  • Improved the definition of the E2EE setting.
  • Improved the definition for the Fix the 'Hide tiles in recordings' setting.
  • Improved the definition for the Update paragraph at the top of the room-create / room-edit page.
  • Reorganised the main menu navigation order so that the Rooms section appears first, making it easier for users to access rooms quickly.
  • Standardised the Default Room Settings page URL.

Samba Live



  • We have resolved an issue that allowed users to download documents even when they were supposed to be locked and inaccessible.