Release notes

Digital Samba 582

Available from 9 March 2024

Bigger and better, perfect for large events and webinars. We have enhanced our platform's capacity, now enabling support for up to 2,000 participants, a substantial upgrade from the previous limit of 500.

Read more about our latest updates and bug fixes below.

Digital Samba Embedded

Dashboard and API

New Features

  • We've updated our dashboard's room settings page to enhance usability. Now, disabling the 'Minimise own tile' setting will automatically deactivate 'Minimise own tile on join.' This prevents issues where participants join a room with their tiles minimised without the option to maximise them.
  • We've updated our emails for inactive accounts to include an invitation for team owners with unused accounts to contact if they have any questions regarding the notification.
  • We've updated the room-sessions page to display the 'room source,' indicating whether a room was created through the dashboard or the API. Additionally, we've repositioned the 'room source' on the session-detail page for better clarity.
  • We've made minor cosmetic changes to the titles and descriptions of chat settings and permissions.
  • We've added a new room setting allowing team members to set recordings with hidden tiles so that they will not capture participants' video streams. Participants' audio, screenshare and other type of content will still be recorded.
  • We updated our API docs so that it is clear for integrators that 'Base 64' should not be prepended as a fixed value to the authorisation token. The docs now include detailed information on how to get a valid value for 'authorizationHeader'.
  • We have updated our API documentation at to ensure that the values provided in the examples correspond with those in our Demo room. We have also added clarifying descriptions to room properties. This update is designed to make the initial integration process more intuitive.


  • We've refined the 'role' field placeholder on the Tokens page to provide clearer guidance for dashboard users. The previous placeholder, 'Role id or name (optional),' inaccurately suggested role names as valid inputs. To correct this, we've updated it to 'Role id (optional),' ensuring accuracy by excluding role names.
  • We've eliminated a redundant notification that appeared on the dashboard when users enabled E2EE while captions were already disabled.
  • We have fixed an issue wherein already logged in users navigating to the dashboard's root directory would be redirected to the Stats page, instead of the Rooms page. Now with this fix, the Rooms page consolidates as the consistent homepage for the dashboard.
  • We have fixed an inconsistency in font size in the recordings context menu items, on the Recordings page.



New Features

  • Our platform's capacity has been significantly expanded to accommodate up to 2,000 participants, a notable increase from the previous limit of 500. The system supports two configurations: one allows up to 100 participants with simultaneous broadcasting capabilities for everyone, ideal for interactive meetings; the other configuration can host up to 2,000 participants, with up to 15 individuals able to broadcast concurrently, perfect for larger events or webinars.