Release notes

Digital Samba 581

Available from 22 Feb 2024

In this update, we're introducing several enhancements and new features across both our dashboard and API, aimed at improving usability, integration capabilities, and overall user satisfaction. For our users on the Free plan, we've launched a self-service upgrade option, streamlining the process of switching between various product plans. Our API has seen the addition of properties to the Recordings endpoint, enhancing the management and cross-referencing of recordings. Furthermore, we've addressed user rejoining issues to maintain chat continuity, improved our database performance, simplified the onboarding experience, and improved the UX in the Rooms page for easier navigation.


Digital Samba Embedded

Dashboard and API

New Features

  • We now offer a self-service option for our customers on the Free plan, enabling them to independently upgrade to many of our product plans—Free, Create, Create S, Launch, Launch S, Grow, Grow S, Scale, and Scale S—without the need to contact our Sales team.
  • We added two properties to the Recordings API endpoint: the 'external_room_id' of the room and the 'external_participant_id' of the participant who started the recording. These new properties allow integrators to cross-reference the room and participant ids to their system, when managing recordings.
  • We have provided a solution to an issue wherein rejoining users would reappear in the chat panel as a different user. Rejoining users would see their previous posts left-aligned in the chats panel, affecting the user experience by breaking the continuity of chat conversations. Now with the 'external_participant_id'—which is equivalent to the 'ud' in the token— integrators can make the app recognise the same user after rejoining and maintain continuity in the chat history, making it simple to follow discussions and identify users consistently throughout a session.
  • We've introduced a new feature: accounts inactive for over 6 months will be automatically deleted. Team owners will receive multiple email warnings beforehand, giving them a chance to avoid deletion by starting a session. This change will enhance our database performance and ensure search results remain relevant.
  • We've made the email verification process simpler by eliminating the need to enter a password, unless your browser lacks a stored session cookie. This update is designed to make the onboarding experience smoother.
  • We've improved UX in the Rooms page by bringing the Delete button right above the checkboxes on the left.
  • We've implemented a Customer Satisfaction survey in the dashboard.



New Features

  • We've implemented a toast notification for users attempting to upload large images to the whiteboard, indicating that image sizes must not exceed 10Mb.



  • We have fixed an issue where tile proportions were incorrectly retained after shifting from screenshare to video stream. Previously, when a user shared a window with a stretched aspect ratio and then stopped the screenshare, another user would continue to see the first user's video in the distorted, wide proportion. This problem has now been resolved, ensuring that video tiles revert to their standard aspect ratio immediately after screenshare sessions end, providing a consistent and expected viewing experience.
  • We've fixed a bug where AI-assisted caption editing caused previously removed text segments to reappear, disrupting the user experience. With this fix, you can now enjoy a seamless and uninterrupted experience with our closed-captioning service.