Release notes

Digital Samba 575

Available from 16 November 2023

This update introduces new features designed to enhance moderation in larger meetings. Moderators now have the ability to bulk-admit or bulk-reject all waiting participants with just a single click. Additionally, we've implemented centralised management for all raised hands, streamlining the moderation process.

We've also upgraded the participants log, offering a more efficient and streamlined experience for integrators and those monitoring session logs. Along with these improvements, we're excited to introduce a new branding feature: the 'Custom Favicon.'

Furthermore, users on our Free plan will now enjoy a substantial increase in free minutes. Continue reading to learn more about these exciting developments.


Digital Samba Embedded

Dashboard and API

New Features

  • We've upgraded the participants log to streamline troubleshooting for integrators. This enhancement categorises entries into 'log', 'info', 'debug', 'warn', or 'error', with a filter feature for each category. A new search box aids in quick navigation, while precise issue identification is enabled by timestamps down to the milliseconds. The log's design is now more compact, displaying more entries at once and eliminating the need for paging through a simple long scroll. Payloads are shown by default, collapsing after 6 lines but can be expanded with 'Show more' for full visibility. These improvements offer a more efficient, user-friendly experience for monitoring session logs.
  • We're introducing a new branding feature called 'custom favicon.' This feature allows customers on the Launch plan and above to personalise the icon displayed on browser tabs, the browser's bookmark bar, history, and in search results, alongside the page URL. This feature functions correctly on all desktop browsers except for Safari, and on all Android browsers. However, Safari on desktop and Chrome on iOS revert to displaying the browser's default icon. Other iOS browsers will show the Digital Samba icon. To ensure full compatibility across all browsers, you can set a custom CNAME. With this setup, the favicon is sourced directly from the custom domain. Both the Favicon and the CNAME features are included starting from the Launch plan and in all higher-tier plans.

Branding - favicon, Digital Samba videoconferencing API-1

  • Exciting news for our Free plan users: we've now increased the 'free participation minutes' from 3,000 to a whopping 10,000!
  • We've added a new 'Online demo' button to the dashboard, providing users the opportunity to book a personalised platform demo with our team.
  • We've introduced three new automatic email alerts for team owners on our 'small meetings' plans. These emails are triggered when participation minutes, concurrent sessions, or concurrent participants reach 80% of their contracted limits. This update helps team owners monitor and manage their usage more effectively, ensuring they stay informed about nearing their plan's capacity.
  • We've enhanced the room API endpoint with a new 'webhooks' parameter. This addition allows you to configure a room with a specific array of webhooks, excluding others. With this feature, webhooks will only trigger callbacks to custom logic when needed, optimising resource use and efficiency.
  • We've updated the 'delete account' module, now located at the bottom of the 'my account' section on the dashboard, for enhanced clarity and visibility. The module now features a red frame to emphasise its significance, ensuring users understand the gravity of the actions available. Additionally, we've refined the title and CTA alignment for better user comprehension, and included a concise description to guide users through the process more effectively.
  • We've refined the design of the plan label on the Stats page to prevent confusion with a call to action. Additionally, the contracted product plan is now visibly displayed on the Teams page and alongside each team in the top-right team selector. This enhancement brings clarity and convenience in identifying product plans across different pages.
  • We've made minor yet important updates to the descriptions of the 'whiteboard' room setting and the 'edit whiteboard' permission. These changes clarify that the permission encompasses not only editing the whiteboard content but also the ability to open and close the whiteboard panel. This enhancement ensures a clearer understanding of user permissions and capabilities in the whiteboard feature.


  • We have fixed a link present in 12 of our automated emails which was pointing to the support page of our older product.


New Features

  • We have introduced a new functionality into our participants panel 'waiting' section. Moderators can now bulk-admit and bulk-reject all waiting participants with a single click.
  • We have improved UX by removing the 'raise hand' icon from the 'roles' sections of the participants panel, thereby centralising the management of all raised hands in the 'Raise hand' section of the participants panel. This change simplifies the process of managing participations and interactions during sessions. Instead of navigating through different sections, you'll find all raised hands in one dedicated area, making it easier to see and address participants who wish to contribute.
  • We have improved the participants panel design by adding a light-blue background to the section headers, thereby better organising the visual space and making it easier for participants to identify sections at a glance.
  • We've improved the 'participant joined' and 'participant left' notifications by consolidating multiple alerts into a single notification. This change will declutter the screen and reduce visual noise, significantly enhancing the user experience in large rooms.


  • We have fixed an issue whereby participants without the permission to broadcast could access their camera after following a series of steps. This fix ensure only participants that are allowed to broadcast can actually enable their cameras.
  • We've resolved an issue in the whiteboard wherein selection outlines were hidden behind placed shapes.
  • We've resolved an issue in the whiteboard wherein cursors were hidden behind placed shapes.
  • We have resolved an issue where the 'fullscreen' and 'X' buttons of the whiteboard remained visible in recordings. This fix ensures these UI elements are omitted in recordings of the whiteboard, providing a focused viewing experience.
  • We fixed an issue in the whiteboard. Previously, participants without the permission to 'edit whiteboard' had access to the 'X' button to close the whiteboard. With this fix, we ensure the ability to close the whiteboard is only available to participants who are actually allowed to do so.