Release notes

Digital Samba 569

Available from 28 August 2023

In this update, we have added new metrics to our dashboard statistics and made some improvements to our SDK.

Continue reading below to learn more about these exciting advancements.

Digital Samba Embedded

Dashboard and API

New Features

  • We added the 'Max. concurrent sessions' and 'Max. concurrent participants' metrics to our dashboard stats page, allowing team members to respectively monitor the simultaneous active rooms peak and the simultaneous active participants peak in the current period. Both metrics aid in checking how closely the activity aligns with the contracted limit, ensuring that the usage remains within the predefined boundaries. This addition to our dashboard provides valuable insights into the usage patterns and helps teams manage resources effectively.


  • We standardised nomenclature for the following metrics displayed in the dashboard stats page, so that they match the language used on our website: 'Max active rooms' became 'Max concurrent sessions'; 'Max active participants' became 'Max concurrent participants'; and 'Max active recs.' became 'Max concurrent recs.'


New Features

  • We enhanced our SDK's 'Initial settings object' with the 'audio input device', 'audio output device' and 'video input device' parameters, allowing integrators to provide specific device IDs for microphones, speakers and cameras when creating the iframe. This customisation option allows integrators to more precisely control the input and output audio devices as well as the camera used within the iframe, providing additional flexibility to our SDK.


Samba Live


New Features

  • We improved the accessibility in our toolbar.


  • We fixed an issue affecting Chrome users wherein the speaker device failed to update in the selector. When a user selected the new speakers in the dropdown and applied changes, sound would effectively be routed to the new selected speaker device, but when reopening the audio settings, the old speaker device still appeared as selected. With this fix, Chrome users can update their speaker device and be reassured by the selector UI that the change has effectively been updated.