Release notes

Digital Samba 568

Available from 14 August 2023

Release 568 introduces a new branding feature allowing developers to upload a custom logo that will be displayed in the room and recordings. 

Additionally, this update features improved security measures by implementing end-to-end encryption (E2EE), allowing teams to secure data with encryption. 

Stay tuned as we continue to innovate and enhance your experience. Learn more about the latest updates and bug fixes below.

Digital Samba Embedded

Dashboard and API

New Features

  • We enhanced our branding capabilities by introducing support for custom logos. Developers on our paid plans can now upload a custom logo file and set it to appear in the room and on recordings.



  • Relabelled our 'Upgrade account' button as 'Upgrade plan'.
  • We added a new permission to 'see participants panel'. This allows configuring roles to be able to see the participants panel and therefore also the participant names list. When set to not allow to 'see participants panel', a role will also not see the 'join' and 'leave' notifications containing participant names.

See participants panel

  • We implemented automatic emails sent to team owners when the concurrent session limit is reached.
  • We implemented automatic emails sent to team owners when their teams reach the 'concurrent sessions' limit set for their plan. This way, team owners will understand why participants are not able to start new sessions and what to do to remediate it.
  • We implemented support to updating the subdomain name. Team owners may now edit the subdomain value once entered in the signup flow.
  • We improved our communication upon downgrading to the Free plan. Users downgrading to our Free plan will now be effectively warned that their recordings will be deleted and when the deletion will be executed.
  • We relabelled the 'Manage account’ link in the 'my account' page as 'Manage billing', for all paid accounts, which is more accurate and should help navigating more intuitively.
  • We standardised our Webhooks page layout by moving the 'cancel' and 'add webhook' buttons to the top and making them sticky, and removing the back button.


  • The 'totals' row at the bottom of the 'date-range' table in the Stats page has been modified to display max values instead of totals, for the 'active participants' and the 'active rooms' metrics.
  • We fixed an issue wherein the product plans listed in the billing management window were outdated. With this fix, the product plans listed match the actually available ones.



New Features

  • We enhanced the SDK with methods to pin and unpin tiles on behalf of the user and events triggered when the user pins and unpins tiles.
  • We implemented 'browser permissions rejected' messaging into our SDK. Now integrators building a custom toolbar will be notified when the participant denies the browser to access their camera and/or microphone for the site, and will hereby be able to reflect these states in their integration.
  • We enhanced our SDK with events triggered when the user expands and collapses a tile, and methods to programmatically expand and collapse specific tiles in the user's layout, on tiled mode.
  • We improved the SDK by adding methods to minimise and maximise the user's own tile and events triggered when the user minimises and maximises their own tile.


New Features

  • We're releasing 'End-to-end encryption' (E2EE), allowing teams to secure all video and audio streams including shared screens, as well as usernames and chat messages with encryption. E2EE ensures that the data is only accessible to the intended recipients and cannot be read or modified by unauthorised users. Note that the Recordings feature does not support E2EE.


  • We enhanced our actionable notifications with a button to clear a notification stack.

clear notifications

  • We improved accessibility in the 'join' screen by enhancing tab navigation and highlighting features for better usability. Now, when using the tab key, the cam and mic toggles are highlighted upon selection, as well as the audio and video settings for clearer visibility. Additionally, tab navigation has been implemented within the 'Audio and video settings' modal, allowing easy selection of video, audio, and virtual background options. These items now highlight when selected, and users can open each of them with ease.

join screen

  • We reviewed the display of portrait-oriented streams to ensure their integrity, addressing a previous issue where a fit-width layout caused excessive cropping on the top and bottom of the streams. As a result of the improvement, portrait-oriented streams are now displayed letterboxed, which preserves their original aspect ratio and prevents excessive cropping, providing a more balanced and visually appealing experience. This improvement will also transfer on recordings to be created using a mobile device held in portrait orientation.


  • Minor text fixes in the default consent message.
  • We fixed an error wherein autoscroll was failing to display the last chat message posted in an E2EE encrypted session.
  • We resolved a layout issue that was causing tiles to adopt an unstandardised aspect ratio and excessive cropping of streams when the browser window is resized to extremely landscape-oriented aspect ratios.
  • We resolved an issue wherein some hidden buttons could be focused on using the tab key.

Samba Live

Account Center


  • We fixed an issue in our statistics live route API. Previously, it would return error 404 when there was no active user online, which was confusing integrators. With this fix, the endpoint returns an empty array which should be more intuitive and usable.


New Features

  • We added a server config allowing our OEM customers to define the default state of the 'Show me participants cursors' toggle available in Whiteboard 2.