Release notes

Digital Samba 567

Available from 31 July 2023

In our latest update, we have introduced support for URL via REST API as an additional means of incorporating logos. Now, you can easily integrate your unique branding elements with a simple API call.

Additionally, we are introducing a new SDK method that provides comprehensive access to all available features. This new, unified approach streamlines your development workflow, making it more intuitive and developer-friendly.

Read on to explore all the changes we've made:

Digital Samba Embedded

Dashboard and API

New Features

  • We improved our REST API by enabling 'URL' as an additional means of adding a custom logo.
  • Revamped our 404 page with an improved design.

404 error.png

  • We added an enhancement to the 'work phone' field in the 'Complete your signup' and 'My account' pages. Users keying in their phone will be reassured with a flag matching their country codes. Additionally, an alternative option is available with a selector that includes all country codes and flags, allowing users to easily find and select their country code.



New Features

  • We have implemented an exciting enhancement to the SDK by introducing a new method that provides comprehensive access to all available features. This improvement streamlines integration efforts, as developers can now easily determine when to call specific methods with confidence. This addition empowers developers with a clearer understanding of feature availability, enabling smoother and more efficient integration processes.
  • We added the 'muteFrame()', 'unMuteFrame()' and 'toggleMuteFrame()' methods to the SDK. The purpose of adding these methods is to enable integrators to configure setups where a user may need to join from two browser instances simultaneously. By muting the audio in the embedding iframe, it prevents the user from hearing doubled audio, which would occur if both browser instances had audio enabled.
  • We enhanced the SDK by adding a new 'reason' parameter to the userLeft event payload that will help integrators identify when a user has been kicked out ('kicked') as opposed to when a user has left ('generic').



  • Made a fix to support inviting participants into the room consistently with the default role.
  • Resolved an issue wherein some users were seeing some users' video streams misaligned within their tiles, as a result of which grey bars where appearing above and below the affected video streams.
  • We fixed an issue affecting Firefox users where the camera and microphone were being disabled as a result of stopping a screenshare.