Release notes

Digital Samba 566

Available from 17 July 2023

In this update, we have introduced a few new settings giving you more control to tailor the room environment to your specific needs. We have also introduced a new role permission that further expands your ability to manage user privileges within the product.

This release also includes various enhancements and bug fixes focused on refining our product's design and boosting performance.

Here's a detailed overview of the exciting features and improvements included in our latest update:

Digital Samba Embedded

Dashboard and API

New Features

  • We added a new permission to our dashboard and API allowing integrators to define what roles should be able to invite people.
invite participants

  • We added a new room setting to our dashboard and API allowing integrators to control the visibility of the 'Invite people' button in the participants panel and the notification that suggests to invite other participants when alone in the room. This setting is superseded by the permission to invite participants described above.

Invite people UI

  • We added a room setting to our dashboard and API allowing integrators to control the visibility of the consent message in the 'pre-join' screen, customise the message and configure the link to their own organisation's privacy policy documentation.

consent message



  • The 'totals' row at the bottom of the 'date-range' table in the Stats page has been modified to display max values instead of totals, for the 'max active recs' metric.



New Features

  • We enhanced the Participants panel with a button to invite people. When clicked, a room link will be provided for sharing.
  • We implemented a notification with a suggestion to invite others and a "copy URL" button that will appear in the room when a single participant has joined.
  • We added a workspace setting to allow users to optionally set the room to always show name badges on tiles. This feature is particularly useful when meeting with many people for the first time as it helps identify individuals easily. When the setting is disabled, name badges only appear when hovering over the tiles area, providing a cleaner overall experience.
  • We enhanced the Settings panel by making it explicit that virtual backgrounds are not supported for Safari users. Instead of hiding the blurred backgrounds vignettes, Safari users now will see greyed out ones.
  • We added a consent message to the 'pre-join' screen so that participants are reminded that by joining, they consent to the processing of their personal data in accordance with their organisation's privacy policy. The chance to stop seeing the message again is given to them in the form of a checkbox.


  • Fixed a bug where a user (user #1) with role #1 couldn't hear or see the broadcast of user #2 in a room. This occurred when user #1 granted broadcast permission to user #2 and a third user with role #1 joined. Bug fix ensures all role #1 users can now properly hear and see user #2's broadcast, ensuring a consistent experience for all participants.
  • We fixed an issue wherein the shared screen would appear cropped on top and bottom.
  • We fixed a layout problem occurring when the toolbar is set to appear on the left side and a tile is pinned or the layout mode is switched to auto.


Samba Live

Account Center

New Features

  • We enhanced the GET user(s) API call with the inclusion of phone number and tax code.
  • We enhanced our audit logs with the inclusion of information on deactivated accounts, enabling our team to identify who deactivates an account.
  • Enhanced our login pages with a 'Need help logging in?' link pointing to our Help Center.


  • We fixed an issue wherein recordings would not work correctly for accounts configured with a custom domain.
  • We resolved an issue wherein the current local time in the "My Profile" page would be wrong by 1hr for the following timezones: Mexico City, Mazatlan, Monterrey, Tehran, and Cairo.



  • Resolved an issue wherein the 'pause video stream' was not working when the virtual background is active.