Release notes

Digital Samba 562

Available from 21 May 2023

Digital Samba 562 brings further improvements to the Embedded Meetings dashboard. This release is dedicated to enhancing the dashboard statistics – featuring an improved design, interactive graphs, and a comprehensive table view. Additionally, we have introduced a powerful new SDK method that allows for more seamless and direct integration.

In our classic app, we are thrilled to announce three significant additions: a branding option allowing account holders to set their own custom domain, a new Service Plan option to allow unlimited recurring meetings, and a new feature that allows users to utilize a custom RTMP link for live streaming.

Continue reading below to learn more about our latest updates.


Embedded Meetings

Dashboard and API

New Features

  • This release includes various improvements in the dashboard Stats page: Improved design of the dashboard Stats page, interactive graphs that enable team members to overlap selected metrics for easy comparison, comprehensive table view that breaks down each metric into individual days within the selected date range and the addition of an 'export usage statistics' button, allowing team members to download data for further processing and analysis.

monza dashboard

  • We added a new room setting allowing integrators to set the layout mode on join to 'auto' or 'tiled'. The setting is supported both on the dashboard and the REST API.
  • Made the description of the 'Start session' permission more explicit by adding a description about what happens when the setting is disabled.
  • We organized the room settings into subsections and made them accessible through a submenu.
  • We made the submit and cancel buttons sticky at the bottom to provide better guidance to users on their mission to create or edit rooms.
  • We added a 'Revert to factory settings' button to the default room settings page allowing team members to reset the default room to the factory settings.
  • We added a 'Reset to default' button to the room-edit page, allowing team members to reset the room to the defaults set in the default room settings page.


  • We added double verification to the 'Revert to factory settings' button in the default room settings page, to give team members a chance to cancel.


New Features

  • We added an SDK method that returns a room's settings, allowing developers to integrate more directly, without relying on error messages.
  • Previously in notifications, the requesting participant's name was displayed separately from the notification message. We've improved UX by integrating the requesting participant's name in notification message sentences, so that it's now easier to read them.
  • We unified the UI language options available in-room with the UI language options available in the room settings on the dashboard.


  • Resolved issue wherein the active speaker was not being magnified in auto mode, after another user stops screenshare.
  • Resolved issue wherein a participant's tile stayed magnified in a recording made with 'Recording layout mode' set to 'auto', when another participant joined and became the active speaker.
  • Resolved issue wherein a participant's tile disappeared in a recording made with 'Recording layout mode' set to 'auto', when he stayed in the room alone, after the other participants had left.
  • We fixed an issue where, in a video conferencing room, user #1 was unable to successfully request user #2 to unmute their microphone. Clicking the 'Unmute' button would result in an error page displaying "Oops, something went wrong." This issue has been resolved, allowing users to request and successfully unmute others in the video conference without encountering any errors.
  • We fixed an issue that was being reproduced when a participant's own tile was expanded to fullscreen. Previously, the 'pin', 'collapse' and 'minimise' icons were missing on the expanded tile. With this fix, the mentioned icons are correctly displayed, ensuring a smooth user experience.
  • We fixed an issue where the auto mode layout was broken when pre-selecting the auto mode in the SDK before joining a room with two existing users. Previously, the layout would not display correctly, causing visual inconsistencies. With this fix, the auto mode layout now renders properly, ensuring a seamless and visually appealing experience when joining a room with the Auto mode pre-selected in the SDK.
  • We resolved an issue wherein a user could not collapse their own fullscreen-expanded tile.


Meetings, Webinars, Education and Embedded Webinars 

Account Center

New Features

  • Added a new branding option allowing account holders to set their own custom domain.
  • We added a new Service Plan option to 'Allow unlimited recurring meetings'. When enabled for their Service Plan, Account Holders may now schedule any number of recurring meetings in the Account Center scheduler.

Service Plan Setting:


Session-level Setting:

image (2)

  • We updated the 'Upgrade account' button URL for users with no subscription to redirect to the 'upgrade-meetings' page so that customers can then choose which plan they want.


New Features

  • We added 'custom RTMP' to the list of available live stream options, allowing presenters to enter custom stream RTMP URL values, thereby expanding the options limitlessly.


Sample stream via


  • We added a 'download' button when a document is open on Whiteboard 2, in consistency with the behaviour when there is no open document, providing a more intuitive user experience.
  • We reduced the width of the slides previewer strip on Whiteboard 2 and thereby gave additional space to content, to provide a more focused experience.
  • Fixed issue wherein joining speakers caused Vimeo videos to start flickering.



New Features

  • We resolved an issue wherein sharing the screen from an Android device suddenly stopped when focusing away from the Digital Samba application. With this fix, Android users can perfectly and indefinitely share their screen while focusing on other apps.