Release notes

Digital Samba 561

Available from 08 May 2023

We're currently working on a revamp of the dashboard design for our Embedded Meetings product.  In this update, we've applied improved stylesheets to the dashboard that provide a cleaner and more polished look, enhancing the user experience. 

Additionally, we've added the initial settings object to our SDK. With this update, integrators now have greater control over a participant's initial settings, including their username, default microphone, and camera enablement, toolbar and caption display, and selected layout mode. 

Discover the latest updates and bug fixes by reading more below. Stay informed and take advantage of the new features and improvements we have introduced to enhance your experience with our product.


Embedded Meetings

Dashboard and API

New Features

  • Revamped the dashboard with improved stylesheets.



  • Reorganised the dashboard menu and added icons.
  • Added layout improvements to the signup page.
  • We added 'optional' to the 'I want to receive emails...' checkbox on the Signup page, even if it was the only one without an asterisk, to make it explicit that it is non-required.


New Features

  • We added the initial settings object. Integrators can now control through the SDK a participant's initial settings (username, microphone enabled by default, camera enabled by default, show toolbar, show captions and selected layout mode).
  • We limited the SDK method to raise hand to ensure it can't be called for participants without permission to 'raise hand'.
  • We added SDK methods to grant and revoke broadcast permissions. The methods target remote participants. It will be a precondition that the granting or revoking participant has permission to 'manage broadcast permission'.
  • We added an SDK event that triggers when a participant raises hand; it contains the participant's ID.
  • We added an SDK event that triggers when a participant lowers hand; it contains the IDs of the raising-hand and lowering-hand participants.
  • We added an SDK method to programmatically target the local participant to raise hand.
  • We added an SDK method to programmatically target the local participant to lower hand.
  • We added an SDK method to programmatically target an array or remote participants to lower hand.
  • We added an SDK method that returns a participant's permissions matrix, allowing developers a way to integrate more directly, without relying on errors.


  • Resolved issue wherein a participant who was given broadcast permissions during a session, could not be heard by others when canceling the 'get ready to broadcast' request but then unmuting his mic.
  • Resolved issue wherein a muted microphone was shown as active for remote participants when the local participant was given broadcast permission during the session but then canceled the 'get ready to broadcast' request.
  • Fixed issue wherein an error message was being shown when team members attempted to set a different default role after already having set a custom role as the default for a room. This issue has been resolved, and members can now successfully set a new default role.
  • Resolved an issue that caused audio to continue playing through the initial sound source —Airpods— when a user on a Macbook and on Chrome tried to change their audio source during a session. With this fix, the sound will now correctly switch to the newly selected sound source.
  • We've fixed an issue where users on Chrome who joined with an external speaker device would lose audio after unplugging it. With this fix, users will now be able to continue hearing others even after unplugging their external speaker.


Meetings, Webinars, Education and Embedded Webinars 

Account Center

New Features

  • We added a new session-level 'Panels position' setting, allowing our customers to select between left and right position for the Participants, Content Library, Q&A, Chat and Notes panels.
  • We improved UX in the Admin panel by disabling the 'Add user' button when 'company' admins have no more service plans to assign, to avoid them finding out that the option is unavailable only after having clicked.


New Features

  • Added a contextual menu option to "Download" next to whiteboard files listed in the Content Library panel, consistently with other filetypes.