Release notes

Digital Samba 559

Available from 10 April  2023

Release 559 introduces a range of new features that will ensure a better user experience. 

We've added new SDK methods and settings that allow you to customize your meeting experience. With this update, your team can now enjoy even more control over their meeting environment.

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Embedded Meetings

Dashboard and API

New Features


  • Added a new feature to control the visibility of participant name badges on recordings. When enabled, recordings will include participant name badges on tiles.
  • Added a setting to control the layout mode on recordings. Auto mode automatically magnifies the active speaker while tiled mode renders a basic grid with participant tiles. However, both modes will magnify any open content or shared screen.

badges 2

  • Added a new setting to control the visibility of captions in recordings.
  • Added notes to screenshare-related settings in the dashboard to make it explicit that screensharing from mobile devices is not supported.
  • Added the 'Recording Storage' metric to the dashboard stats panel, reflecting the number of recorded minutes stored.
  • Automatic reloading of last-opened page. Team members logging into the dashboard will now automatically be taken to the page they were on before the session expired.
  • Improved the design of the 'Upgrade account' button on the dashboard.
  • Integrators may see 'captions minutes' in the filterable section of dashboard stats page to track captions usage.
  • Implemented synchronised dashboard state across multiple browser tabs. Team members may now create / edit settings and rooms on different browser tabs without needing to reload the tabs after each change.


New Features

  • Added SDK methods to list room participants. This will allow integrators to render participants list programmatically and to trigger remote actions such as 'remote mute' without having to manually collect all the participant ids.
  • Added an SDK method allowing integrators to programmatically remove participants.
  • We removed all notifications from recordings to avoid distraction and increase relevance.


  • Resolved issue wherein a user could not hear another, minutes after the latter unmuted his mic following a prolonged silence.


Meetings, Webinars, Education and Embedded Webinars 


New Features

  • We added notifications to let all participants realise when a participant edits or deletes another's posted chat message in the Group Chat.