Release notes

Digital Samba 557

Available from 13 March 2023

This update includes the release of various exciting features including captions. Participants can now read subtitles with transcriptions of the active speaker's talk, making sessions more accessible and easier to follow.

Additionally, we have released a brand-new whiteboard built from scratch, designed to dramatically improve the user experience and make it easier than ever to collaborate with your team.

Read more about our latest update below.

Embedded Meetings

Dashboard and API

New Features

  • We're releasing the captions feature. Integrators may set rooms with enabled or disabled captions, choose the default speaking language, and select between the 'live speech' and 'end of speech' auto-transcription modes.
  • Integrators may set rooms with enabled or disabled captions, choose the default speaking language, and select between the 'live speech' and 'end of speech' auto-transcription modes.
  • Integrators may see 'captions minutes' in the dashboard stats page to track captions usage.

caption minutes.png

  • Made the Primary colour setting description more accurate.
  • Minor language fixes in the dashboard stats page.
  • Minor language fixes in the room settings.
  • Renamed the 'Stored recorded minutes' metric to 'Recording storage'.
  • Improved the design of our Signup screen, to make the onboarding experience more attractive and informative for new customers.
  • Added additional explanation to the 'Virtual backgrounds' setting description text in the dashboard, to align expectations about Safari not rendering blurred backgrounds.
  • Added a minor improvement to the 'Notify participants when others join' setting description text.
  • Added 'device' to the Session details page. Integrators can now see 'desktop' or 'mobile' next to each participant ID in a session.


New Features

  • Participants may now read automatic transcriptions of the active speaker's talk in real-time, adjust their captions speaking language to ensure the engine continues to transcribe correctly when there are language shifts during session runtime, adjust the captions font size and drag the captions panel around the screen to place it in the most comfortable position.



  • Fixed ungraceful reconnection issue on the switch between mobile tether and wifi.
  • Resolved issue wherein participants with blocked browser permission to use localstorage could not videoconference.


Meetings, Webinars, Education and Embedded Webinars 

Account Center 

New Features

  • Implemented recurrent submission of participation, recording, recording storage, and telephony minutes as add-ons to be reflected on bills.


New Features

We're releasing our brand new whiteboard v2, built from scratch to provide a superior user experience. It keeps all of the features our customers loved from our older version, such as multipage documents and scribbling on images; plus, it brings all the tools you could expect from a modern diagramming app.

 image (opened)

Here are some of the amazing features you can look forward to:

  • improved pen
  • improved marker
  • improved type
  • improved shapes
  • connector arrows
  • commenting tool
  • live participant cursor viewing for better collaboration
  • dragging and pasting images from your computer
  • undo/redo
  • copy/paste
  • duplicate any object
  • align
  • re-order
  • save editable whiteboards to your content library
  • define custom names and rename your whiteboards for better organisation
  • download whiteboards as svg or png
  • fullscreen a whiteboard

digital samba new whiteboard


Note: This whiteboard will be view-only in our mobile apps, yet account holders can always optionally set sessions to default to whiteboard v1.



  • Fixed an issue wherein the chat emoji reactions were available in a session when they had been set as disabled for that session in the Account Center.