Release notes

Digital Samba 556

Available from 12 February 2023

This update focuses on adding improvements to our Embedded Meetings product. With the Raisehand and Virtual Backgrounds functionality, you can now make your meetings more interactive and visually engaging than ever before. We've also made a few bug fixes to ensure an even smoother experience. Read more about our latest update below.

Embedded Meetings

Dashboard and API

New Features

  • Added a 'Raise Hand' functionality. This feature can be enabled/disabled in the Room and Team settings.

Raise hand

  • Added descriptive text to the Webhooks section to provide guidance to integrators.
  • Added a 'Forgot your password?' link to the email verification form, to help customers complete the signup process.
  • Substituted the the current 'In progress' label by two more accurate 'Recording' and 'Processing' labels in the Recordings section of the dashboard, to better reflect the state of recordings.


  • Made changes to ensure all of a team's recordings are listed in the recordings section of the dashboard, even when they are being processed.


New Features

  • Introducing the new Virtual Backgrounds feature into the Digital Samba Embedded product. Participants may now enjoy adding personality and security by blocking out private spaces.

virtual backgrounds 2

  • Improved the appearance of the mode switcher panel when on a coloured background.
  • Improved the 'Minimise self tile on join' setting by decoupling it from the 'Minimise self tile' setting. Now participants with 'Minimise self tile' set to on may join with a minimised own tile and still have access to maximising it.
  • Adjusted the UI colour for 'important actions' to have better contrast to the background.
  • Added a 'raise hand' feature allowing participants to take turns to speak without disrupting sessions.


  • Resolved issue wherein the three-dot-menu panel was off-place after resizing the window.
  • Resolved issue wherein an auto-reconnected user's audio stream was duplicated and heard twice by other participants.