Release notes

Digital Samba 553

Available from 18 December 2022

Our latest update introduces several improvements to our Account Center. Additionally, we've continued to add enhancements to our Embedded Meetings and fixed minor issues across our platform. Read more about all bug fixes and new features below.

Meetings, Webinars, Education and Embedded Webinars 

With Digital Samba 553, it is now possible to set custom names for Speakers and Audience roles in the Admin Settings.

custom names

Account Center 

New Features

  • Added role names customization option. Account holders can now set custom names for Speakers and Audience roles.
  • Added the ability to include the account holder's username in payload for presence notification.


  • Minor syntax fix in the expired account button.



  • Resolved issue wherein the Youtube player and iframe_api sources were still showing up in the code even after disabling Youtube in the Content Library.


Embedded Meetings

Introducing "Auto Mode" - where the shared screen or active speaker is automatically magnified. Tiled and Auto modes complement each other smartly: Tiled mode is extremely flexible, allowing advanced participants to configure their video conferencing layout with great precision, whereas Auto mode makes reasonable decisions for less experienced users to get a great experience with their hands off their devices.

Auto mode


Dashboard and API

New Features

  • Added a description to the Toolbar Position setting explaining the toolbar position on mobile screens.

Toolbar position

  • Added a new option in the Teams and Room properties to select between a light or dark background colour for panels and modals.

panel and modal appearance


  • Resolved issue in the login page wherein the email address and password were not auto-filling for Google Chrome users.
  • Resolved issue wherein some percentages in the Admin stats panel were taking the wrong reference as base.



New Features

  • Implemented "Auto mode" where the shared screen is automatically magnified; or the active speaker, when there's no screen being shared. Participants can switch to "Auto" or "Tiled" modes at any time using the mode switcher icon on the top right of the screen.
  • Added recording events to SDK, so integrators can now externally command to start a recording and also access data about when a recording was started and by whom.
  • Updated the fullscreen, pin, and self-tile icons to be permanently visible on pinned tiles, without needing to hover.
  • Improved the mobile toolbar - all the menu items except for mic and cam icons are now packed into the "three-dot" menu icon, for a cleaner look and feel.

mobile menu

  • Added a "Stop sharing" button to the state when the preview is turned off, offering participants an intuitive alternative to stop sharing their screens, in addition to the former existing option to show the preview.

stop sharing button

  • Added a floating panel visible on hover to the state when the preview is turned on. This panel contains two buttons, allowing participants to hide the preview or stop sharing altogether.

Untitled design.png

  • Implemented an improved mobile layout which maximises the size of pinned and fullscreened tiles, thereby optimising the readability of screen-shared content.


  • Updated the colours for the Participants and Recording icons, to enhance visibility when the toolbar colour is set to a light colour.
  • Resolved issue wherein the name field in the join screen was auto-suggesting incorrect information.
  • Resolved issue wherein the screen share was not showing for a participant after pinning and unpinning another participant.
  • Updated the microphone and speaker test messages with more relevant messaging.
  • Resolved issue wherein the recording's right edge looked cropped.