Release notes

Digital Samba 552

Available from 04 December 2022

In this update, we've rolled out various performance and stability fixes and improvements across the platform. Read more about our latest release below:

Meetings, Webinars, Education and Embedded Webinars 

Customization of email senders' names is now possible with Digital Samba 552. We've also implemented a more efficient and user-friendly billing system.

Account Center 

New Features

  • Added a new service plan option to customize sender names in the emails.

customize sender name

  • Implemented a new billing system making it easier to manage accounts.
  • Updated languaging around Modes and Layouts to ensure consistency across the platform.


  • Minor capitalization fixes in the reminder emails.
  • Users with "Start Session" permission enabled will now be able to enter the room even when the "Restrict early access" setting is enabled.
  • Fixed the default value of the session level "Default Layout" option to match the default_video_mode config.



New Features

  • Added an iframe parameter to hide the toolbar for a specific participant.


  • Resolved issue wherein the broadcast and presentation permissions icons were still showing after moving a user from Audience to a custom role.


Embedded Meetings

We've added new settings in the dashboard for toolbar and logo visibility. Additionally, we've implemented various performance updates and fixes to ensure product stability.

Dashboard and API

New Features

  • Added a new Toolbar visibility setting. When disabled, participants will not see the toolbar.

    Toolbar visbility
  • Added a new option to show or hide logo in the recordings. This option is available on both the Team Settings and the Room Properties.

    logo in recordings


New Features

  • Updated toolbar position to automatically match the device's orientation. When on portrait, the toolbar will be at the bottom. When on landscape, the toolbar will be on the left or right depending on what the settings are set to.
  • While a recording is initialising, the recording button will be disabled for all participants to allow for the recording to start.


  • Resolved issue wherein the screen share was not showing for a user after pinning and unpinning another user.
  • Deactivated chat input autofocus for mobile devices to prevent virtual keyboard from blocking the vision of previous posts in the chat panel.
  • Performance fixes to ensure that the pinned tiles and full-screened tiles get the best-quality streams.
  • Minor capitalization fixes on the screen share titles.