Release notes

Digital Samba 551

Available from 20 November 2022

The 551 release introduces some of the most-requested features across the platform, making Digital Samba even better.

Meetings, Webinars, Education and Embedded Webinars 

In this update, we've added new functionality to set time limits for Breakout Rooms, which is very useful for managing timeliness during workshops and group activities. When the time is up, users will be taken back to the main room. 


breakout rooms time limit

Account Center 

New Features

  • Added new functionality to set time limits for Breakout Rooms.

    time limit breakouts









  • Updated language translation list in the Join screen and Workspace settings to ensure that only the fully supported languages are shown.


New Features

  • Added a new Service Plan setting to set the maximum number of video tiles that can be shown on screen at once.

service plan settings


  • Fixed issue wherein the file thumbnail for minimized content did not display for the Speaker.
  • Resolved issue wherein the "Get ready to broadcast" popup was missing when moving a user from audience to custom role with broadcast permissions enabled.
  • Updated the join screen page for mobile browsers to make sure it fits the screen properly.
  • Fixed issue wherein when moving a User from Custom role to Audience, the 'Ask user to turn camera on' menu option was showing instead of 'Give broadcast permission'.


Embedded Meetings

Our team is continually working on providing more features to the Embedded Meetings. In this update, we're introducing a beta version of the recording functionality and fine-tuned the recently released Chats. Additionally, we have released the SDK documentation for our integrators.

Dashboard and API

New Features

  • Implemented a beta version of the recording functionality. This allows participants to record sessions and store recordings. Team members may access the list of recordings on the Dashboard 'Recordings' page, where they can copy links, download, play, and delete any of the listed recordings. Moreover, an API endpoint also facilitates accessing all of a team's recordings, downloading, deleting, and getting any recording to be made available to participants.

Monza recordings

react recording

  • Released the SDK as an NPM package and added a link to the documentation in the Dashboard. With the SDK, integrators can embed a video conferencing experience into the browser with minimal effort, plus they can also control the video conference and access its functionality in real time from an embedding application.

SDK documentation

  • Added a new branding setting to Team Settings and Room Properties allowing team members to select a background colour for the room.
  • Shorthand hex notation for colors is now supported in the Dashboard and API.
  • Improved session and recording duration formatting.



New Features

  • Implemented link rendering on Chats. When pasting a link into the chat, the links will be clickable. Clicked links will open on a new tab by default.
  • Implemented autofocus on chat textbox. When opening the chat panel, users can simply start typing without needing to click on the text field.
  • Restyled toolbar and panels with rounded corners.


  • Resolved issue wherein the advanced notification continued to show for the requestee even when the requester had already left the session.
  • Resolved issue wherein the name field in the sign-up form auto-suggests incorrect info.
  • Updated the join screen page on mobile to ensure that the page fits the screen properly, without needing to scroll down.