Release notes

Digital Samba 548

Available from: 10 October 2022

Following our major update last month, Digital Samba 548 focuses on enhancing the current functionalities along with various design and performance improvements. 

Meetings, Webinars, Education and Embedded Webinars 

This release includes minor cosmetic improvements to the newly designed Account Center ensuring that everything looks neat and consistent.

Account Center 


  • Fixed the colour for active menu text in the dashbord menu.
  • Changed the Account Center background color to white.
  • Resolved issue wherein the newly created Breakout Room was not showing in the room list.
  • Resolved minor design issues in the Account Settings wherein the dropdown texts were overlapping the dropdown arrows.
  • Standardised styling of the hover state in the top menu of the Admin panel.
  • Updated the footer link color and spacing to be consistent with the rest of the footer text.
  • Updated the messaging in the "Allow maximum one content piece opened" setting to clarify that predefined layouts are not supported when this setting is on.
  • Updated the font size and spacing in the login page footer for a cleaner look on mobile screens.
  • Added support for PageUp and PageDown keys so that we can support slide navigation with wireless laser presentation remotes.



  • Resolved issue wherein the camera option was still available even when the option was disabled in the Service Plan settings.
  • Updated the 'Ask user to turn on camera' functionality with clearer messaging.


New Features

  • Updated to the latest Google Play API.


  • Disabled app installation on Mac. The Digital Samba app is not optimised for desktop.
  • Resolved issue wherein notifications were shown on mobile apps even when the 'Hide all notifications in the live room' session-level option was selected.
  • Fixed issue wherein links were not opening on the mobile app, due to an update in the DNS.


Embedded Meetings

Since the release of our new product, we have been working on various performance enhancements and miscellaneous bug fixes. We've also added new options to the Dashboard Settings.


New Features

  • Optimised subscriptions on full-screened tiles to stop receiving unshown video streams.
  • Added cam icon to the minimised self-tile so that users are reminded that they are still broadcasting.


  • Implemented newly designed icons for the Fullscreen (expand and collapse) and Self Tile (minify and maximise) functionalities.


  • Fixed audio volume issues on pinned streams.
  • Fixed issue wherein the video tiles appeared to be cropped in small screens and mobile.
  • Fixed issue wherein the 'You are currently sharing your screen' message and 'Show preview' button were not fitting within reduced tiles.
  • Fixed a screenshare cropping issue, ensuring the entire extent of the shared screen is visible.
  • Resolved issue wherein video streams coming from iOS back cameras were mirrored.
  • Updated the 'Click here to learn how to enable your camera and microphone' link so that users are referred to the documentation page corresponding to the mobile browser being used.
  • Updated the favicon size to ensure consistency across the platform.
  • Updated the font size of the initials within the avatar for consistency.

Dashboard and API

New Features

  • Added an option in the Team settings and Room properties to enable/disable the Participants panel. When enabled, participants will have access to the Participants panel.

    participants panel
  • New dashboard setting to enable/disable notification of participants joining and leaving.

    notify participants when joining or leaving


  • Improved messaging in the "Delete Room" dialog box to explicitly refer to the room to be deleted.
  • Resolved issue wherein validation was not correctly applied to limit the 'maximum participants' field in accordance to the plan's limit value.
  • Updated the 'maximum participants' field so that it's pre-populated with the plan's limit value.



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