Release notes

Digital Samba 547

Available from: 25 September 2022

Samba Live is being rebranded. We're introducing new products, new pricing, and new technology, and, to mark the occasion, we’re taking our brand back to its roots. Our platform will be known as Digital Samba, from now on.

Digital Samba for Meetings and Digital Samba Embedded are new additions to the Digital Samba product line.

Digital Samba for Meetings is a stable, secure, and GDPR-compliant video conferencing solution for day-to-day communications.

Digital Samba Embedded now allows customers to embed a live conferencing front-end into any web page with just a few lines of code. It comes in two plan types, Embedded Webinars and Embedded Meetings. Embedded Webinars is the new name for the OEM product. 


Meetings, Webinars, Education and Embedded Webinars 

Digital Samba 547 introduces a revamped Account Center design - simple, clean, and intuitive. 

digital_samba_account center

This update also contains bug fixes across the platform. Read more about our latest updates below.

Account Center

New Features

  • Revamped the Account Center with a more attractive and user-friendly design. Its functionality will be largely the same and there will be little to no learning curve when adjusting to the new design.


  • Resolved issue wherein the newly created Breakout Room was not showing in the room list.
  • Removed secondary call to action from the 'Meeting invite' email, for clarity.
  • Free trial users who have gone past the 14 days available in the Free plan can now log in to the Account Center with an option to upgrade.
  • Added alt attribute for images in platform emails to aid accessibility.



  • Resolved issue wherein the 'Create Bookmark' button was covering the Whiteboard switcher icon, by making it draggable.



  • Fixed issue wherein the Audience user was able to share documents even when the 'Allow Content Sharing' permission is disabled for the user.
  • Resolved issue wherein the files and folders disappeared from the Media Library after starting breakout.
  • Resolved issue wherein the updated user name was not showing on the Q&A screen after rejoining the session.


Embedded Meetings

The new architecture of Embedded Meetings, which will eventually drive all Embedded products, was designed from scratch to provide unrivaled stability and scalability. The groundwork is laid, and we are working hard to supplement this product with a wealth of features. 



  • Video conferencing and screen sharing features.
  • Up to 49 active videos.
  • Up to 100 meeting participants.
  • High-performance video conferencing running on multistream.
  • Dynamic simulcasting to maximise resources and deliver the best quality.
  • Dynamic order of user tiles, based on constantly checking who the active speaker is to ensure focus is permanently on the action.
  • Responsive to any screen size, including mobile.
  • Flexible, user-controlled layout including drag handle, pinning, fullscreen and self tile management, to suit every use case and screen size.
  • Multi-language.
  • Vanity URLs, e.g.,
  • Friendly URLs, e.g.,
  • Smooth join experience including peripherals selection and testing.
  • One-click join directly from your app (ability to bypass the join screen).
  • In-app notification of user joined and left events.
  • Webhooks for user joined and left events.
  • Remote users’ microphone and camera management.
  • Auto-reconnection in case of network connectivity failure.
  • Smart reconnection of peripherals on replugging during session runtime.
  • Firewall traversal (tunneling).
  • Real-time stats including ‘packets loss’ and ‘round trip time’, available in the setting.

Dashboard and API

Embedded dashboard

  • Multi-user accounts or ‘teams’ for productive collaboration.
  • Collaboration in multiple teams supported.
  • My Account section: Manage your personal account data, reset your password, and view your teams.
  • Statistics section, including participation minutes, sessions, rooms, active participants and broadcasted and consumed minutes, all by date-range; plus real-time metrics to monitor live participants and live sessions.
  • Team section: Create your team: Invite and manage your team members; Get your developer key and configure room defaults including join screen preferences, tools and feature toggles, branding options, such as your primary and toolbar colours, and your custom toolbar position (left, right or bottom).
  • Rooms section: Manage all of your permanent meeting rooms, set your room-level privacy settings, add a limit to the number of participants, and override any defaults set in the Team section. 
  • Sessions section: Get live and ended session data, including start time, duration, number of participants, participants list, participant details and participant log for troubleshooting.
  • Access the API documentation.


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