Release notes

Digital Samba 554

Available from 18 January 2023

Release 554 includes enhancements and performance fixes, increasing the efficiency and stability of our products. Read more about our latest update below.

Embedded Meetings

This update contains various improvements to the dashboard statistics. We've also added several SDK events and implemented various stability fixes.

Dashboard and API

New Features

  • Added recorded minutes to dashboard statistics.


  • Added stored recording minutes to dashboard statistics.


  • Changed the messaging in the "Panel and modal appearance" settings to include "Join screen".
  • Added a new metric in the dashboard to monitor concurrent recorders' usage.
  • Updated the languaging in the Dashboard to ensure consistency across the platform.
  • Changed the "Number of rooms created" metric to "Number of rooms used" and updated the tooltip consequently.
  • Changed the "This month" dashboard stats module to "This period", which provides a more relevant data set to team members.
  • Implemented automated submission of stored recording minutes at the end of each billing period so that they may be reflected in the corresponding invoices.


New Features

  • Added an SDK event to identify the active speaker every time it changes.
  • Added SDK methods to switch between tiled and auto modes.
  • Added SDK events to listen to the local user switching between tiled and auto modes.
  • Added SDK methods to show and hide the toolbar.


  • Fixed an audio issue that occurred after an auto-reconnection.
  • Fixed issue wherein the icons in the extended toolbar (accessible when clicking on the three-dot icon) got duplicated when resizing the window.
  • Fixed issue wherein the screenshared tile appeared in full screen even when not having been maximized by the user.
  • Fixed mobile responsiveness to ensure that the participants panel context menu will show properly for iPhone 7 users.
  • Implemented fixes to the mobile extended toolbar to self-close after tapping any option.
  • Minor grammatical fixes in the "System Statistics" panel.
  • Fixed issue wherein the app crashed when entering a room with the mic toggled off and then activating HD video.
  • Resolved an audio issue that occurred when changing mics in the Audio Settings.
  • Resolved issue wherein the drag handle appeared on the left side when a user takes over the screenshare.
  • Resolved issue wherein a participant's video stream disappeared when the screenshare is stopped in auto mode.
  • Resolved issue wherein the extended toolbar was being trimmed and some of the icons within were not showing when in landscape mode on mobile browsers.
  • Resolved issue wherein the extended toolbar was not displaying correctly after changing the mobile orientation from landscape to portrait.
  • Resolved issue wherein the join screen was not scrollable in mobile browsers.
  • Resolved issue wherein the screenshared tile persisted to appear after stopping screenshare in auto mode
  • Resolved issue wherein the three-dot icon with extended toolbar options was missing in iOS and Android bowsers.
  • Resolved issue wherein a participant's own tile automatically opened in full screen when a remote participant stops screenshare.
  • Resolved issue wherein user was not able to start screenshare after reconnecting.
  • Fixed an audio issue where incoming audio streams got louder and increasingly distorted in auto mode.
  • Resolved a mobile issue wherein the dark overlay behind the open mobile menu was not covering the top bar.


Meetings, Webinars, Education and Embedded Webinars 

As requested, we've brought back the "All day" checkbox when selecting a meeting duration and implemented minor bug fixes.

Account Center 

New Features

  • Added the "All day" checkbox next to the duration selector in the Schedule tab.



  • Moved the "Default Layout" setting under the "Content and Layout" heading in the Account Center scheduler.
  • Added translations to the predefined roles.



  • Fixed minor language translation issue in the Audience menu.
  • Resolved issue wherein the Participant's three-dot menu disappeared when the language was set to German.