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University San Jorge enriched its educational programs with Digital Samba for Education

The University San Jorge in Spain is successfully using Digital Samba for Education to organise their virtual educational process, and online meetings and manage its internal communications. In this interview speak to Miguel A. Martínez about why they chose Digital Samba and how their institution is benefiting from our virtual classroom.

University San Jorge success story


What challenges in your communication process influenced you to look for a virtual classroom?

All the time, there are more scenarios where communication at a distance is necessary, not only in the work environment (meetings, interviews, projects with providers, etc.) but in our growing home educational environment. We had two objectives: we wanted to offer possibilities so that those students that are at distance may follow a class as well as make our educational programs richer by bringing in important speakers for keynote talks from wherever they may. 

Did you have a previous solution that could no longer meet your needs? If so, how did your needs change? 

We have a videoconference solution that covers a lot of actual needs but, not all of them. Especially for intercontinental retransmissions, Digital Samba has resulted to be a tool that solves the video and audio delays that are produced in other tools. 

What criteria did you have in mind for a virtual classroom? 

  • A solution that is easy to use for the participating user (easily activate audio and video), as well for the session administration (administration portal). 
  • A solution that allows you to download recorded sessions and to use them for postproduction treatment.

Why did you choose Digital Samba for Education over competitors? 

Besides common solutions like Hangouts or Skype we have evaluated other options that we have discarded due to their cost and because they did not offer the flexibility that we needed to manage our users. Digital Samba’s virtual classroom software is a very intuitive tool and the support team behind the software is very accessible and responsive to any of our doubts. Great support was very important to us and the Digital Samba team is highly recommended in that regard. 

Did you encounter any challenges implementing Digital Samba for Education, and how did you surmount them? 

We have adapted Digital Samba for Education to serve several, specific needs and it works perfectly for our meetings, interviews and teaching intercontinental classes. It’s very universal and growing in adoption in our organisation. 

What did you find most attractive about Digital Samba virtual classroom software? What are your favourite features?

Digital Samba's virtual classroom is very easy to manage. It is very interesting how Digital Samba uses a tabbed interface approach to easily switch between content pieces. It is also important that the recording may be paused so several recordings of the same session can be created. 

What benefits have you experienced from using Digital Samba for Education? 

Its simplicity makes it easy for students to follow the sessions. High-quality HD images are also an important point for the success of the sessions. The extensive user and session management features allow us to configure our virtual classroom just the way we like it.

About University San Jorge

University San Jorge is a private nonprofit higher education institution in Spain. USJ became active in 2005. San Jorge University always ends up in the top 80 best universities in Spain.

San Jorge University promotes studying, learning, teaching and scientific research, to give real answers to today’s social issues, drawing inspiration from the philosophy of Christian humanism.

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“Its simplicity makes it easy for students to follow the sessions.”
Miguel A. Martínez Fundación Universidad San Jorge, System Administrator
Miguel A. Martínez

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