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KeyMeeting achieves 30% year-on-year growth with Digital Samba Embedded

KeyMeeting is an Italian webinar and web conferencing provider that became the biggest operator in Italy with the help of Digital Samba’s white-label video conferencing solution. After implementing Digital Samba Embedded they managed to achieve a massive 30% annual growth rate and amazing 88% customer satisfaction and loyalty ratings. Here’s how they did it.

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Annual growth

In one year, the company achieved a massive growth of 30%.


Customer loyalty

88% of KeyMeeting customers renewed their subscriptions.


Client base growth

x2.3 client base increase after implementing Digital Samba.

KeyMeeting success story


KeyMeeting created and launched its in-house videoconferencing platform in 2005. They experienced some initial success and were competing with all the big players. Despite the initial success, they quickly realised they didn’t have the resources to compete long-term. 

They struggled to stay up-to-date with the latest advances in videoconferencing technology and realised that their platform wasn’t sustainable. Smaller platform providers often struggle to keep pace with the big hitters. KeyMeeting decided that they needed to change course.


KeyMeeting needed a partner who could provide them with a white-label web conferencing solution rich in features including screen sharing, a media library, file sharing, cloud recording, breakout rooms and a whiteboard to consolidate their brand reputation and give value to their customers.

But, they stumbled into a problem - most big providers didn’t allow people to install third-party software from behind their firewalls.

They came up with a list of prospect solutions and performed several technical tests to identify which one was the best fit. When the tests were complete, it was clear that Digital Samba was the only provider that could meet KeyMeeting’s tough demands. The Digital Samba platform had the features their customers needed to communicate and collaborate effectively. 

They were now ready for the daunting transfer process. Thanks to Digital Samba’s user-friendly, intuitive UX and extensive feature set, KeyMeeting’s team and, most importantly, clients were happy and enthusiastic about the switch.


With the help of Digital Samba’s expert tech team, it wasn’t long before KeyMeeting had a locally-hosted white-label web conferencing solution. Digital Samba identified the key needs of KeyMeeting’s end-users and adapted a solution specifically for them. One year later, KeyMeeting was pleased to report these results:

  • 30% year-on-year growth
  • 250% increase in the number of customers
  • 88% of customers renewed their subscriptions.

To find out how you can get these results with Digital Samba, contact our sales team.

“Digital Samba has given us exactly what we wanted. Their platform was the perfect white-label solution to give our customers the best possible videoconferencing experience. We love working with their helpful team and can't wait to continue the relationship”. - Antonio Sanguinetti, KeyMeetings Founder.


About KeyMeeting

KeyMeeting is a browser-based videoconferencing platform, designed with HTML5 and WebRTC technology to guarantee maximum performance and 360° accessibility from any device, including mobile, to create online meetings, training courses in virtual classrooms, events and webinars and direct live streaming on YouTube, Facebook and Vimeo.

They offer a full range of web-conferencing plans suitable for online meetings, training and learning courses, virtual classrooms, and webinars. They also provide special integration services through APIs for advanced customers. 

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“After implementing Digital Samba we went from 300 customers to more than 1,000 within only a year.”
Antonio Sanguinetti - KeyMeeting-1
Antonio Sanguinetti
Co-Founder, KeyMeeting

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