D-Link increased their average webinar attendance with Digital Samba for Webinars

Throughout its 30-year history, D-Link has established itself as a leading global brand that offers cutting-edge networking solutions. When it discovered Digital Samba for Webinars, D-Link found a simple way for its sales team to keep their partners informed about new technology and product launches. As a result, the average attendance at D-Link's webinars saw an immediate increase. To learn more about how Digital Samba for Webinars became an integral part of D-Link's communication strategy, read on.

D-Link success story


In the early days, D-Link used Skype. As the company grew and expanded, they tried solutions like Google Hangouts and GoToMeeting. Despite some initial success with these providers, the demands of a rapidly growing business soon caught up with them. They needed a professional web conferencing solution. Hosting multi-million dollar sales pitches to Universities via Skype wasn’t going to cut it anymore.

They tried some popular free webinar solutions but weren’t impressed. After scheduling a series of enterprise-level live demos with GoToWebinar, Webex and Digital Samba they found that Digital Samba's webinar software was the best solution for their business needs. 


Most D-Link employees wanted easy-to-use webinar software with a couple of features. Some other team members needed a full set of interactive tools to host sales training and workshops. Digital Samba for Webinars caters to both types of users within the same pricing plan. 

D-Link found the Digital Samba implementation process smooth and hassle-free. There were no downloads or compatibility issues and they received excellent support throughout the transition. They didn’t have to reconfigure their existing firewalls or networks, which was a huge bonus.

Digital Samba’s UI is easy to use, which enabled all of D-Link's sales staff to quickly become proficient in using it. In addition to its clean and intuitive UI, Digital Samba also offers a wide range of powerful features that give the sales team both flexibility and control. Every aspect of the webinar platform is customisable, allowing each team to tailor it to their specific needs and preferences. 


Frustrating product launches are now a thing of the past. D-Link can instantly update hundreds of users about their latest products. Their sales team uses Digital Samba’s white-label webinar software to make productive sales calls with high conversion rates without having to set up conferences or online presentations each time. 

Digital Samba boosted D-Link’s webinar attendance as soon as they completed the implementation process. An advanced data suite has allowed D-Link management to analyse, review and improve their entire sales process. 

Digital Samba is a cost-effective webinar solution that saves the company time and money. Digital Samba’s rich feature set and intuitive UI allow D-Link to communicate and strategise with a global team of over 500 people.

“Digital Samba saves us a huge amount of time and aggravation. It was the most cost effective and professional solution we could find. One of my favourite benefits is the improvements to our sales training. Because the platform is so secure, we can use it for high-level internal meetings. Organising a Digital Samba webinar is much easier than flying executives to far-away locations. We would recommend Digital Samba to anyone who wants to boost their webinar game.” - Xavier Campos, Product Manager Iberia

About D-Link

D-Link is an industry leader in the design and development of networking and connectivity products, serving a diverse range of customers including consumers, small businesses, medium to large-sized enterprises, and service providers. Founded in Taiwan in 1987, the company has since expanded to become a highly-regarded global brand present in 57 countries.

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“You can ‘grab and go’ with Digital Samba. There’s no downloads or compatibility issues, and the mobile support is great.”
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Xavier Campos
Product Manager Spain & Portugal, D-Link Iberia

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