How to use collaborative drawing online

2 min read
August 26, 2019

Have you ever had an important idea or design and stumbled over your words when you have to share it with someone online or even right next to you? Luckily this common enough problem has a brilliantly simple solution. You can use online tools to seamlessly collaborate on tons of stuff, but you can use it for drawing too.

Draw together with your friends online

Think of these tools as online whiteboards that live in the cloud, and you can invite anyone to use it at any time with one click without asking them to install anything.


The interfaces are usually very intuitive and work just like a real whiteboard (take a look at our university here to learn how it works in Samba Live). It's great in mobile or desktop settings. With draw chat and other ways for groups of people to talk and draw in real-time you can seamlessly collaborate on design ideas, or clarify how something works visually with anyone, anywhere, and from any platform.

Share your screen to work together on files

Online drawing tools are often very powerful, but still some people may prefer different types of software. They might even need CAD or another way to show what they are thinking of.


When using an extensive collaboration software suite like Samba Live, you can also use various file types besides online drawing to work on. If you need to stick to specialized software, you can share your screen with your audience.

Or pack up your file and shoot it on over to whoever you want. You can still collaborate with all the features of Samba Live with whoever you want in real-time.

Work with others directly in your browser

A customer of your company wants to doodle a suggestion or clarification on your CAD model live in real-time with a few people watching?

Great! Now they can. Without having to jump through tons of hoops. It all happens fluidly and without interruption or hassle in your browser.

animated-whiteboardImagine, you want to have seven people all come to an agreement on where and how to set up a trade show booth. You can do that with Samba Live in minutes and save all the frustration that usually comes with planning something specific like that with multiple people who can all be in different locations.

Or maybe you just want the simplest, easiest way to doodle something and then share it over to a friend in one application. Samba Live does all of these things from one beautiful platform built for collaboration.

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