28. July 2010

Version OnSync 4.0.6 release 1766
Most visible improvements in this release are featured in the whiteboard but we're equally excited about the strong progress we are making in the administration screens for our Enterprise Server clients.


FEATURE: Improvements in appshare installation/detection process
FEATURE: Sharing window now differentiates between screen sharing modes in it's title
FEATURE: Whiteboard - new triangle tool
FEATURE: Whiteboard - new highlight marker tool
FEATURE: Whiteboard - move shapes with arrow keys, shift arrow for large steps
FEATURE: Whiteboard - new resize and rotate handles
FEATURE: Whiteboard - new cursors icons
FEATURE: Whiteboard - rewrote scaling engine for more intuitive line and shape scaling
FEATURE: Whiteboard - scaling does not affect border values
FEATURE: Whiteboard - rewrote rotation engine for more natural experience for remote users
FEATURE: Whiteboard - better styling and correct user information for locked shapes
FEATURE: Whiteboard - added a no stroke option
FEATURE: Whiteboard - better text flow algorithm and better text field resizing
FEATURE: Whiteboard - better shape bounding box identification
FIX: Fixed miscellaneous errors and crash scenarios
FIX: Fixed an issue where playhead stopped moving for a rights restricted user after seek operation
FIX: Freezing a video in widescreen or portrait mode would switch to landscape mode and distort the image
FIX: Fixed an issue where UI did not display correctly after starting application sharing
FIX: Many whiteboard fixes including a problem where the pen tool drew only straight lines



FEATURE: Large scale progress in administration screens for ESLs
FEATURE: New feedback link at bottom of account center pages
FIX: Internet explorer performance improvements
FIX: Internet explorer messages load correctly
FIX: Left menu now behaves as expected when deleting multiple messages
FIX: Friendly URLs can now be 255 characters long (instead of 50) and the text field is limited correctly
FIX: Messaging, when selecting a recipient with the mouse from auto-complete, the message is delivered correctly
FIX: Badge in left menu for address book contacts has been removed, there was no need to show a total count
FIX: Loading indicator is now always visible, no matter how far down the page you scroll
FIX: Removed redundant silver badges on dashboard for invitations and files
FIX: Changed text on messages silver badge on dashboard to "unread messages"
FIX: Badges in left menu now show correct message count


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