9. September 2011

Version OnSync 4.1.7 r4642
This update is mainly in the name of stability and performance improvements. More and more people rely on OnSync and we have to make sure we scale nicely with load.


FEATURE: Added support for cyrillic for custom workspace views.
FEATURE: Added a warning for Mac OS Lion users and non-functioning security dialog.
FEATURE: show feedback window by holding SHIFT+F during loading, this allows users to send us reports of problems during connection.
FEATURE: Display to the user which camera/mic he is using when the broadcast starts.
FEATURE: We now allow multiple email addresses to be entered into the invite users dialog.
FEATURE: A bookmark is added in recordings when a poll is opened.
FEATURE: Added language support for chinese, japanese and more to the whiteboard.
FEATURE: Implemented a memory growth monitor and notifications to users if a crash is imminent.
FEATURE: Added ability to submit feedback to the OnSync team.
FEATURE: Closing a session now redirects all users to feedback forms.
FIX: Upgraded the YouTube player for better error messages and support for short YouTube links.
FIX: Custom right-click menu is now displayed over video content.
FIX: Fixed a crash when opening office, pdf and text files in FP10.3.83.5 and above.
FIX: Microhphone Khz settings are now correctly applied on windows.
FIX: Improved language elements for translation.
FIX: Fixed an issue where a whiteboard could crash OnSync if there was a lot of content.
FIX: Better error messages for connection issues.
FIX: Chat history now shows correct name for late comers.
FIX: Fixed two issues where content display was not in sync between remote users when they clicked the + tab.
FIX: Appshare is now properly recorded, even if appshare was active before recording began.
FIX: During playback of a recording, remote users can no longer interfere with the viewing experience.
FIX: Improved the join experience to avoid users hearing audio before the splash screen disappears. Similarly they do not appear in the user list until they have fully entered the app.
FIX: Fixed an issue where preferences panel would not open.
FIX: Fixed an issue where appshare cursor did not move.



FEATURE: ESL customers can set their recordings to auto-start playback.
FEATURE: Download statistics as a .csv file.
FEATURE: Improved selection of timezones by showing city names next to UTC values.
FEATURE: All times for meetings are now displayed to the user in his own time zone. The timezone column has been removed from the sessions table.
FEATURE: Improved the ease of use when setting Daylight Savings Time.
FEATURE: Affiliate logos can now be applied to the affiliate's customers.
FEATURE: New signups can now automatically be assigned to an affiliate.
FEATURE: Added Portuguese language.
FEATURE: Ability to restrict users ability to brand their account.
FEATURE: Added new API call GET authverify and added calls for expiry and service plan ID.
FEATURE: Welcome image and top left logo in account center can be assigned with a link by ESL admins.
FEATURE: Improved automatic clean-up routines of inactive and deleted users.
FEATURE: Added a Service Plan column to user management in admin.
FEATURE: Attach an .ics file to email invitations.
FEATURE: Moved splash screen text to a config file for easier modification.
FEATURE: Set a different communication server for different products in admin.
FEATURE: Maintenance alerts are now announced inside account center.
FEATURE: Account holders can now see their seat capacity on the dashboard.
FIX: Fixed a memory exceeded error.
FIX: Added the missing Name label on the edit recordings page.
FIX: Default role for inviting users is now participant, used to be moderator.
FIX: Improved sign up routine to avoid activation problems.
FIX: Greatly improved memory management.
FIX: Improved translations of account center.
FIX: Fixed a routine that was causing invitation emails to expire even though they shouldn't and remove invitees that should not be removed.
FIX: Fixed an issue where the PUT Session API method was returning incorrect results.
FIX: Corrected some header return codes for API methods.
FIX: Improved APIs ability to create users, enable API and deactivate the user upon creation.
FIX: Active room menu now shows minutes when time to next meeting is less than 1.5 hrs.
FIX: Sent messages are not set to unread by default.
FIX: Default time zone is now UTC instead of UTC+12.
FIX: Fixed an issue where users were experiencing a PHP error upon login to a new account.
FIX: Login pages for sessions and recordings are now more intuitive for guests.
FIX: Usage statistics is now correct in Internet Explorer.
FIX: Improved accuracy of statistics and display.
FIX: Improved affiliate management.
FIX: Message count now only counts unread messages.
FIX: Fixed an issue where deleting a file from media library did not delete its converted twin.

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